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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bonga - BEST Family Korean Food at Solaris, Mont Kiara

Korean restaurants are growing like mushroom in Kuala Lumpur but I don't really like Kim Chi. Usually I either choose Japanese or Chinese, Korean gave me a feeling of neither nor.

Except this Bonga in Solaris, Mont Kiara, totally run by 1st generation Korean. They occupy 2nd and 3rd floors by only 2nd floor is open to public.

You will have to get up through this entrance, either by walking up the stairs or take the lift. The lift next door will reach Bonga too although it doesn't explicitly said that on ground floor.

Once I stepped in and heard a 'hello' in English and thats about it. There is no more communication after that. Ok, I was exaggerating. But communication is a big gap, its just like I am in Seoul again, OMG ! Except ONE hot lady who speaks fluent English, since she has to deal with ALL Non Korean speaking customers, its one supply many demands market condition. Too bad I didn't take her picture ... you will just have to go visit her yourself.

There are many nice little decorative items all around the restaurant ...

And for people who knows me, dinner starts with liquor or in this case - Soju !

Its a little smoother than Japanese Sake ... but about the same ...

If you have been to a authentic Korean restaurant, you would have known they served tons of appetizers. And basically that is the MAIN reasons why one should visit a Korean restaurant ... at least I thought so.

Kim Chi !!! Many like it, its just ok to me ...

This pan cake or kuih type appetizer is a bit weird ....

BBQ time !! They started with REAL charcoals ...

Put on the grill tap ....

and BBQ away ! ...

We also had Kim Chi mix soup. Its almost like ABC soup or Chinese's mix veggie soup but with Kim Chi sauces of course.

This my NUMBER 1 recommendation !! If you come here, this is THE ONE you should try. One pot serve 2 persons and definitely able to serve up to 4 persons if you are small eaters or you plan to share other stuff - like the BBQ.


Fried Mackerel, recommended by another blog ... the fish is fresh but I am not that into this. Most people love it thao ...

It comes with this special rice too ...

This is what it looks like at the end ...

These are their menus ... just in case you want to plan what to eat before going ...

We were seated on the 3rd floor, perhaps because there are 13 of us ? These are the views outside ....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

MCA - certified DEAD

At the time of this writing, MCA EGM has NOT declared any voting result yet. But as a patriotic Malaysian, the result couldn't be clearer than this. MCA is certified DEAD again.

It was apparent in last 308 election what People wants. People as in citizen, each and every one of us voted and Malaysia citizen wanted changes, transparency and effectiveness.

MCA voting process however, is done by 2000+ representatives. Exactly who and what they represent is questionable, but almost certainly not MCA members. Basically these 2000+ people decided the combination of Ong and Choi less than one year ago. Today the fact is so clear Choi will NEVER be able to work with Ong. And yet these 2000+ today still keep a 50-50 votes on this matter.

There are only 2 possible reasons for this scenario:

1) The representatives still support their own idol, half with Choi and half with Ong
2) The representatives want to change both Choi and Ong

Either way, it shows the 2000+ representatives are TOTALLY CLUELESS with what the citizen want.

Case 1: you made 2 choices but they don't work well together, so you should prioritize one over the other to improve the situation. If you are still holding up both choices, you are either IGNORING the fact or you are just plain selfish.

Case 2: you made 2 choices but they fail to work together. But there is NO proof that either one of them is a failure. Removing one is so much less risk than removing both. Especially when either one of them has only worked LESS than a year. You delegated but you revoke the power too soon shows that you are NOT a fundamentally stable person.

there is NO WAY MCA will be stabilized after this EGM. It will only get worse to worst.

MCA DOES NOT represent Chinese in Malaysia. MCA does NOT even represent Malaysian. There are at least HALF of THEM are rotten eggs. MCA is certified DEAD !!

The only way to resurrect is to gather so many NEW members until all the OLD rotten links in MCA are over shadow. Which doesn't seem like any chance of happening in the next 10 years ...

Sorry but good bye MCA ....

A perfect 10

10 October is a special day.

10 is a Perfect Number. It has all you ever needed. And a special girl was born on this special date. And oh mine, she is Perfect ! Again Perfect x2.

Happy Birthday To You ! As there aren't much I can do, I can only blog about it.

There wasn't really much actually. We weren't really close neither. Just a series of chapters in life. Short ones.

But there is one thing she didn't know. All the people who are really close to me, happen to have her between our life chapters. Ironically enough but its just the way it is.

As of now, she lives happily ever after. So I guess wishes don't no longer work like they used to be. Then again, her comes the old saying ...
Friendship is like Gold,
The Older it gets,
The move value it carries ....
Not until war comes,
Gold is really treasured.
Happy 18th Birthday !!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Malaysia MCA internal election ?

Just want to log that I think Ong will win the case massively.

Basically Choi hasn't really done much things that is feasible other than he is a good friends to many people.

308 proves that people want real result, real changes. Ong did that.

However, this MCA internal election is not a people voting events. Only 2380 representatives are voting. It is really NOT hard to influence 1000+ people so ...

if Choi wins over Ong this time, this proves that MCA has reached its end of life. It is totally disregarding citizen's voice and will NO LONGER represent any ethical group in Malaysia ....

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sumatra Earthquake

I think these pictures are not new, this happened quite some time ago. There is also a movie about soil below land went emptied and resulted similar 'hole' pattern. Its just more fascinating seeing it in real life. Or the movie was inspired by this event ?

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