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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mythbuster : bullet hit and the whole body fly away

You know in those movies when bad guys got shot by a bullet, the whole body fly away and usually broke some window before falling down etc ? Well Mythbuster did some tests on that and declared it is a fake claim. Mainly because when they shoot a bullet to a test subject, the dead pig barely move. According to their explaination, the power of the bullet is not enough to carry the body weight AT ALL !!

Well ... after years of watching them, finally I found ONE conclusion they got it WRONG !!

When a bullet hit your body, its not the force of the bullet that bring it down. Its the 'feeling' you have.

For example, if you were standing on the street and then suddenly out of no where a bullet hit you, you are probably too shock and your whole body would just do whatever you were doing without much impact from the bullet at all. Except that you eventually stop and lay down dead.

On another scenario, you were in a battle field shooting each other with your enemy. You were hidding and ducking while shooting back. Suddenly you saw your enemy in front of you, before you pull your trigger you got shot ! Your body felt the pain and before you know it, your whole body is "bouncing" backward a few feets away.

Its not the force of the bullet. Its the nature of our body reaction. Our body was trying to avoid the bullet and trying to minimize the impact by moving in the same direction

2008 most search People and Blog in Malaysia

Read this from Sin Chew newspaper 31 Dec 2008

In internet world, Anwar is more popular than Obama and Mahathir.  Siti Nurhaliza who is the most popular lady idol in Malaysia doesn't even come close.

2008 most search person name
1. Anwar Ibrahim - famous x vice prime minister who got sack accussed of its sodomize case, now making a cum back
2. Obama - 1st time in world history minority rule White House

3. Lim Kit Siang - 'oldest' oppoistion leader and still going strong ... its about time ppl spread rumor that he change heart using alien technology :D
4. Mahathir - x prime minister who cann't keep quiet although he promised to

8. Siti Nurhaliza - I would have thought Idol effect is more powerful than politician but not in Malaysia

Most Search blog
1. Chedet - although his name is not popular, his blog is - Mahatir's blog
9. Kenny Sia - oh my, oh my .... not again ...
10. Jeff Ooi - sorry jeff, u lost to kenny.  seems like ppl wants more humor fun than real critics

I was just discussing with another guru blogger trying to understand why Kenny Sia's blog is more popular than Liewcf's.  There are a few more blog sites who earn much more money but eventually, Kenny's traffic still top all.  Ofcourse I couldn't really figure out why, but it seems that my view of his popularity is not baseless.

I know .... 'captain obvious' you said.  Happy New Year all !

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Shao Lin in 1 Utama

One day in mid December I was window shopping at 1 Utama shopping mall and came across this telco advertisement.  So I followed what the idol does and wonder if he feels any pain at all since he is shao lin who is suppose to have strong kung fu.
tons of other bloggers have made fun with this adv.  Some even suck his kok !

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Buying kclau book in MPH

I went to MPH One Utama  the other day looking for the book titled "Top Money Tips for Malaysians" written by kclau.com

I first browse around the local writers section but couldn't find it.  Most book displayed in that section is politics.

Then I found this kiosk where I can search available books in that particular book store ...

So I click one of the search buttons

And I typed in "money tips"

the result came back in split second, 25 books available !!  Yea !!

Then what ?  I had no idea so I asked for help from Customer Service desk.  Afterall, we still need their help, don't we ?  The kiosk is just for fun I guess ...

For the next 45 minutes, the staff runs up and down couldn't find the book neither.  The system said received 25 books and kept in "Personal Finance" section, but its just not there !

1 hour later, the staff finally informed me that there may be some problems in receiving the books.  The books arrived in One Utama MPH but not sure exactly where the package is yet.

Anyway, if you have credit card you can buy it online from this link.  Its a great book !

Naked 13 yo died in car

13 year old girl died suffocated in car with 28 year old man ?  How many moral stories I can extract out from this news ... OMG ...

KAJANG: The cause of death of a couple found nude in a car at a workshop in Taman Impian Indah, Balakong, was suffocation.

Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Shaka ruddin Che Mood said a post-mortem showed that the victims suffocated to death on Friday after falling asleep in the car with the air-conditioning unit operating.

“Because of carbon dioxide inhalation over a long period of time, the couple suffocated and died in their sleep,” he said.

Police have ruled out foul play.

Police identified the man as Wong Weu Fong, 28, a mechanic, and the other, a 13-year-old Indonesian girl.

from the star

Good Mee Jawa in Maluri Kepong

I usually do not eat this dish but this particular one is my favourite Mee Jawa !  Some also go for the Asam Laksa.  If its too spicy for you, natural fresh coconut drink is available too.

Its the 'pasar' or wet market type so some people may consider it 'unclean'.  But relatively speaking its quite a clean place.  Flies around are considered common.

Normally open from Tuesday to Sunday, around 2pm to late afternoon.  Everytime I have to have a late lunch and around Kepong area, I would come here ...

Location : Taman Maluri, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
generally MYR 3.50 a dish

If you don't have Google Earth installed, then just visit http://maps.google.com and paste the following in the Search Box :  http://klsmihosting.com/mj.kmz 

Firestorm : a fire so powerful it creates a long standing wind

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Google Earth prefers Internet Explorer

I have both Google Chrome Web Browser and Internet Explorer in my PC.  Chrome is set as default ofcourse.

When using Google Earth I clicked a link and it automatically open up in IE despite my preference setting.  Seems like Google still prefer IE more than their own Chrome.

Then I received an email confirmation of my new account creation, this is the exact email content :

Someone from the ip address '' registered the Login Name 'actualUserName'. The password for this Login Name is 'actualPassword' To activate this account, please use the following link http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/verifyemail.php?verify=1473454-cMFdNhBo&Cat=0
WTF ?  What is the purpose of sending email to confirm a New User Registration if you give away both the user and password to a stranger's email ?
OMG .... who develope Google Earth ? So much inconsistency !

Friday, December 12, 2008

18SX : picture collection of penis

This is another cool blogger batty who actually is doing her assignment together with her proffesor ...

basically she is Going To take pictures of 100 male private parts as her thesis work.

Too bad I am not in Taiwan ...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

2028 : couple dating - pay for Petrol

Petrol price surged to new hike in mid 2008, everyone was cursing about that.

earthquake did not destory but lengthen bridge

Akashi Kaikyō Bridge (明石海峡大橋 Akashi Kaikyō Ō-hashi?), also known as the Pearl Bridge in Japan is the world's longest suspension bridge.  

Before it was finished building, one of the worst earthquake happened.  Some said just in time to test its unique design to counter earthquake.  

Kobe Earthquake = Great Hanshin Earthquake

The earthquake actually cause the sea bed to break apart.  And the broken part actually just lie between the bridge.

Surprisingly not only did the earthquake NOT destroy the Longest bridge in the world but it actually lengthen the bridge by 1 meter !!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

we naturally should die after 1 billion heart beats

Do you know that all mammals are borned with 1 billion heart beats.  By the time you reach your 1 billion heart beats, you are suppose to die !

It is used to describe the lifespans of dogs, mices and larger animals like elephants and turtles.  Basically if an animal has a slower heart beat, they will live much longer.

Read all about it here ...

Following this theory, human would live up to about 20s.  But due to the advance science and medicines we have invented, we are able to live till 80s.  

So think again the next time you are exercising excessively or having sex .... it may just cut down your life span by that much too ...

More and More cheap flights ... ?

Do you know that one flight alone emit out the same air polution equivalent to 3 months of car driving ?

use this link to calculate how much CO2 produced in each of your flight ...

Friday, December 05, 2008

2009 Feng Shui part 1

North is the worst afflicted sector starting 4 Feb 2009.

North is the #5 Yellow Star which brings bad Qi or energy.  Avoid doing any important activities in this sector of your house or office.  Keep this area quiet and undisturbed.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Best Gift in My Internet World

Last month marked one of my greatest achievement in my newly created "Internet Life".

One of the very successful personal finance bloggers, kclau, actually sent me a copy of his new book for a review !!

KC Lau has been blogging about Personal Finance for a long time.  I actually contacted other Personal Finance bloggers before I started one myself but almost all other bloggers always refer me back to kclau as their mentors.  So kclau is my sifu's sifu, mentor's mentor.  And I have this idea of kclau is the founder of Malaysia Personal Finance blog as to liewcf to Malaysia Blog ( I think that liewcf is the earliest serious internet earner )

Anyway it arrived in Pos Express ...

and kclau even write a little note for me ...

The book is also personally signed by kclau !!

OMG, when I started blogging I just wanted to share some of my personal view points that I haven't seen else where.  Who knows I would be getting a book from my mentor's mentor !!

Its like Mahathir calling me by my first name and Bill Gate wanting to hire me as his consultant ...

man ... I am still too excited to talk about this.

I will be writting my review on this book in my personal finance blog but you can learn more about this book from here : http://kclau.com/about-2/moneytipsbook/

and you can buy it from ME through this link 

32 yo women in NZ has to marry 82 yo men

The Star 4 Dec 2008 page T12

Women in New Zealand out number men by 35,000 in prime marring age group 20 - 45 years old.

In order to solve this problem NZ is now "importing" men from British ...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

One Education System

Mahathir's son proposed to have one type of primary school replacing current lingual dependant schools.  

I support TOTALLY and this is actually One of the 'KEY' changes I have been sharing with people around me ...

There is only one small differences between my version and his.  Each school can decide what language to use to teach other non-lingual courses like science, math, geography etc.  And not necessary just Bahasa Malaysia.

In order to support that, all national exams will be made available in 4 main languages.

Mahathir agreed on 14 Dec 2008
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