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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

buy things from zalora

Thursday, August 09, 2012


Have you ever saw an advertisement said "FREE BEER !" ... then when you walk near, the small wordings say, "after you buy a car" ?

Internet and software is not different . . .

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Life is a Line

Life is much like a child game where we draw a line and then whoever cross that line WIN !

Some draw very easy line to cross so they keep themselves Motivated . . .
Some draw a very far line so when they are the ONLY one who can cross there feel REALLY great . . .
Some draw too far a line they never cross it and get Depressed.

As we grow up, all these lines we draw for ourselves become us.  It becomes our fundamentals, culture, philosophy etc.

After we grow up,
we always thought we want this need that . . .
BUT Almost all of us forgot
it WAS initially a line that we drew ourselves into it.

Now we are bound by our own lines without realizing we still have the power to draw new lines again.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Going to a Swing Club

I was thinking to go to a Swing Club and this is what I had in my mind originally . . .

then I remember I am already back to Malaysia . . .

But I am going to Japan next week, may be we can Swing even wilder there ?

after much disappointment . . . I settled with a Real Swing . . .

Thursday, August 02, 2012

No Good android news app ?

download a few Malaysia News Android apps but none of them is useful. it seems like most are developed by the same developer? Which I bet is not even a smart phone user. 1. fonts to small, cannot make bigger 2. cannot zoom in 3. ...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

zhen liew siang

Taufu - ok, a bit salty

GREAT potato leaves

Good - Enough 'wok Qi' !

Name of the Shop - Zhen Liew Siang
"Really Leave Good Smell"

Total : RM 25


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Food that restore your Liver

If you always work long hours, too stress, drink alcohol and smoke, your liver is most likely over work.  Once your liver is not working properly, your whole body will not be able to function well.  You will feel tire simply by doing nothing etc.

So eat these foods daily to restore your liver ...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Food that Burns Fat for a long time

If you eat the right food, it will help your body burn fat even after some time you have eaten.  So naturally the outgoing calories will be more than intake ... hence you became slimmer no matter how much of these food you eat.

Common value for money choices are;
  • vegetables
  • whole grain oatmeal
  • eggs
source : http://www.quickandsimple.com/diet-weight-loss/tips-calculator/belly-fat-foods

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Dear Mom,

Little did I know while I was coming into form, I had been hugged protected by such a gorgeous lady.

I couldn't see, I couldn't smell ... all I knew was I sense your happiness deeply. Although sometimes dad made you sad but you always quickly resolve to calmness when you remember me.

At first you were in shock, I was never part of your plan. For split seconds, you might wanted to make me disappear while you still could ... but then you sense my sorrow and you are a kind gorgeous person to love me back.

In ways beyond both of our understanding, love grows stronger and deeper despite we never met. I have grown from him, into you and then myself. You don't know me anymore but you still have faith in me, loving me.

To me ... all those went away quickly the moment I was born.  I was scare, so scare!  I was comforted by your warm hugging fluid and suddenly cold breeze touched my skin and now I had to breath by myself !?  I was so scare ... that I forgot what we have had for the past many months.

Since then the world is so colourful that I forgot to remember back what we have had.  I sit, stand, walk and run like no one business.  You always smile witnessing my path from behind, for better or worse.


But mom, now I am old enough to feel myself again.  I realize our love never went away.  It is still deep within our roots.  I am pregnant now ... I was thinking to take it off ... then I remember you.  I now understand, you have given me a love that is unconditional, that no pay back is required . . . now its time for me to pass it on.

Mom, Happy Mother Day to us !

Sunday, April 22, 2012




我以为只是我去深造几年, 可是你己知道我们不会再见了。 不让我知道你情况是因为你怕我放不下。。。可是你又可知否换来的是我一生的内究?无奈。


二十二年后的今天我才知道你是四月离开。 突然好像你还在。。。 

你为我想,我开心。 我没机会做任何事,我无奈。可是我们之间得到了永恒。

 嘟嘟,再见吧! 我 等。。。

Saturday, March 17, 2012

blog from android device

I have tried a couple blogware for my galaxy note.

so far only blogit can allow me to manage my blogs comments. .. so I am using it mostly. but I can't view my posted article? I can preview it however but that put doubts in me if my article has already been posted to the public? The interface keeps saying draft but actually it has already Ben posted.

blogdroid is quickly letting one post an article but without much else control or management.

blogaway allows me to view my posted articles ( that's how I check my work done in blogit ). it crashes a few times on me. and it doesn't load my viewers comments.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Live Long Life

Cynthia Kenyon has found a way for us to live forever.  She can destroy a component in our gen that was suppose to help our cells grow, then *walah* we live longer !

This shouldn't be a secret at all, if you slow down growth, you stay young longer.  Meditating monks on top of the mountain live longer.  Slow motion turtles live longer.

Human mankind has reached an interesting juncture.  At one hand, we developed a way to grow meat in the lab.  At the other hand, we don't want our own meat to grow.  Are we moving toward heaven or is this the curse of satan ?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Fate and Choice

Both couples Mandison & Pier and Bill & Amanda are deeply in love.  All of them also deeply believe in Feng Shui.  One day they were told the boyfriend needs to always face East and the girlfriend must face West.

Bill & Amanda were shock !  Since then they faced different direction and grew apart.

Bill & Amanda

Mandison & Pier were in joy !  Since then they always see each other and live happily ever after.

Mandison & Pier

Fate may have laid down some clues for you but its up to you how to use them.
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