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Sunday, December 27, 2009

stranger or lovest ?

One day, 3 men walked by Zandy; Mr.A, Benjamin and Carlos.

Mr.A just walked pass.

Benjamin stopped and asked if Zandy mind to share a table with him. There were many empty tables around them. Zandy never had such a clear clue before and she liked him too so she let him joined her.

Carlos sat down quietly at the next table. Right before Zandy and Benjamin left, Carlos walked up to Zandy asking for her number. Carlos gave Zandy his name card too.

Zandy had a great night with Benjamin. The next day, they kissed each other good bye passionately. 6 hours later, Carlos called and asked if they could meet tonight. Zandy replied, "Sorry, actually I am just visiting. I am in the airport leaving Paris now." "Where do you go back to ?" Carlos didn't give up. Out of the blue Zandy told the truth, "Malaysia". Half a globe away.

~ ~ ~ . . . ~ ~ ~ . . . ~ ~ ~

2 months later, out of the blue Carlos called, "Hey, I just arrive in Kuala Lumpur ...". They went around islands, cruise to Alaska, ski in Korea ... 3 years later they got married. Their 4 kids are all grow up now that 15 years have passed. Suddenly when the kids left home, Zandy doesn't feel connected to Carlos anymore. She tried very hard but she couldn't name one most memorable moment with Carlos.

One day, Zandy ran into Albert. Albert said, "Do you remember me ? I was one of the 3 men who walked passed you when you were drinking coffee in Paris about 20 years ago ...", he continues "I noticed you immediately at my first sight but unfortunately I had to rush to hospital at that time." Zandy tried very hard but she couldn't recall the stuff he said to her at all.

Then Zandy met Benjamin right at the next corner. They stare at each other trying to recall who they were. Before they even speak, so much memories flood Zandy's mind that she feels again. They hit it right off talking about the past, what they have been up to and if they should be together again, for good this time.

~ ~ ~ . . . ~ ~ ~ . . . ~ ~ ~

Albert is a stranger to Zandy because Zandy couldn't remember anything about him. Zandy also can't name one single most memorable experience with Carlos. When she talked about Alaska, Carlos couldn't remember some details. When Carlos talked about the ski, Zandy disagrees some part of the stories. Zandy's moment is when Carlos flew all the way to Malaysia for her but Carlos's moment is when he saw her in Paris. But with Benjamin, its easy. Its ONE night and its THE night. She remembers it and He remembers it.

The fact is that Carlos and Zandy have been together for so long. Each and every of their stories is the best one. When she is trying to pick one out of them, she couldn't because when all are the best then they are all the same.
Zandy knows she should stay with Carlos but she couldn't ignore the feeling she has with Benjamin. Can the fact that she couldn't name one best moment with Carlos imply Carlos is NOT her true love ? Or does that mean the love between her and Carlos have risen to another maturity level beyond feeling ?

Is Carlos a stranger now or is Carlos her True love ?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

H1N1 spreading by this blog ?

There have been comments about this blog spreading H1N1 ... at least 2 persons were infected. But rest assured both of them are perfectly cured now and very much kicking alive now. However and unfortunate, they still suffer from Michael Blog phobia which the doctors said will take some time ...

Although its technically un-sound to have a 'blog' spreading H1N1 but being a Sci-Fi fan myself. I have recently sent this blog to a vaccination, despite the negative side effects.

So now, this blog should be clean. A lot of fishy holes are filled. No more intrusive facebook and twitter stuff ... but just in case you still sneeze when you read this, do give me a buzz. I may have to take more drastic action to hang this ...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Najib photo series

The more often you see a person's photo, the closer a 'friend' he becomes. Its the power of advertisement ... here in is our beloved Prime Minister in Malaysia ....

He cooks with a big pot, enough for all Malaysians.
But only halal hands are allowed to do the cooking ...

Although he doesn't doze off everywhere like our ex-PM, but he sure can sit on limited space ...

Everyone know Mrs PM is the significant figure
compare to all the past PMs'

Is this sitting humble or just want to go loo ?

Talking with man, all serious ...

Talking with ladies, much more delightful !

"If I can just massage it this way ... "

"Why the hell he seems so awkward even for just cutting a ribbon?", Dr. M

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Great poke on my eyes ... "

He Karaoke well ...

"There is only ONE thing I m gonna do ..."

" ... and its a GOOD one .... "

" .. ha .. ha ... ha ... of course I was just kidding !"

"But if I scratch my head and think carefully ... "

"Everything is up there ... "

As long as someone is hugging me from behind, I am OK.

I swear I didn't select any photo on purpose. All these photos are taken from 1Malaysia road show yesterday in Sunway Pyramid. Have you ever seen a photo of Najib that looks not awkward ?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One of world wonders - guess where this is ?

This can be found in one of the islands in Malaysia ... guess where this is ?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

We Malaysians are one of a Kind ...

For the sake of people's safety, many polis watch points are setup ....

We have a special way of defining 'LIVE'

Since nanny is no longer a safe hope, we bring our kids everywhere we go

kitchen utensils are expensive especially for small business ...

now most supermarkets do not allow us to put kids on their trolleys ...

Kapak = Car Park, it does sound alike, doesn't it ?

"Kereta" on the other hand is the perfect spelling of car in Malaysia Language

"Small Can, Big Can Not", a typical way how non-Malaysia-Language-educated Chinese say it

If you have been reading finance topics in malpf.com, you know the solution to Malaysia transport is motorbike!

It doesn't matter what kind of shit we are put into,
we can survive just fine ...

Friday, December 04, 2009

Lost Season 5 Last episode - Jacob

One of the most visited articles in this blog is about Lost, the latest most popular sci-fi TV Series. Season 5 has ended more than half a year ago if not longer. The last episode provided so many answers that I could spiral out a few books out of that one episode alone.

Lets start with Jacob.

In the past 5 seasons, Jacob is the most mysterious man. He has been 'directing' everyone to do everything on the Island. He never shows himself and people only hear his voices. Only the 'leaders' can receipt instructions from him on what to do next.

Jacob has the appearance that he is god or a powerful angel who were once 'run' the island. There was also 'tips' say that he was trapped and need to be 'released' before taking over the Island again.

Ben and Locke are the leaders at different times. But they never met Jacob. There is no scientific way to confirm Jacob's existence. Ben however is a faithful believer on Jacob while Locke questioned about his existence at times.

As far as the whole TV series go before the last episode in Season 5, I have collected enough 'evidences' and concluded that Jacob does NOT Exist ! That was the only logical explanation. In between Jacob and the leaders, there is a middle man called Richard. He never gets old and he appears everywhere and in anytime, as in living forever eternally. So I suspected Richard is the 'real' person behind the scene and he made up the character of Jacob to make the leaders believe. Its not just that, I have another 121 clues that can only be explained logically if Jacob is a fictional character made up by Richard.

However, the very beginning of the last episode is the appearance of Jacob in person. He lives a simple life out of natures and draw a lot of paintings. Below is a snap shot he is making cloth ... but also a clue that he is managing the whole world where each string is an event of occurrence and he is straightening some of them.

If Jacob is a real person in flesh, he can't be doing all those ghost stuff mentioned earlier. Basically if Jacob is a real person, it will violate some of the other stuff shown in earlier seasons. God doesn't simply kill people, even bad ones. However, almost immediately a new character appears. Jacob has a 'friend'. He has no name yet but it appears that he is an 'opposite' to Jacob.

Jacob believe human can change for the better. His friend does NOT. His friend said

They come.
They fight.
They destroy.
They corrupt.
It always ends the same.

And Jacob answered,

It only ends once.
Anything that happens before that
is just progress.

Later in the episode, it also hints that the 'person' who has been directing the leaders to do things, trapped wanted to get out and runs the Island again is not Jacob, but his Friend.

All this while, you may thought you have been doing god's work but little do you realize satan has been behind the curtain all along. God just keep quiet, do nothing but only pray you will snap out of it yourself ... because that is the only True way for Real cure.

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