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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I took the Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge !

Out of the blue, against all advices from surrounded people ... I took the Big Bowl Challenge from Sushi King ...

I sat down and asked : "Is it one dish or a set of dishes ?"
Lady Servant : Just One Bowl. ( used her hand to show the bowl size )
Me : Do I have to finish the soup too ?
Lady : No, just finished the noodles ...

So I said I would take the challenge ....

I didn't bring a cam so this one is from the phone, pardon the picture quality. You may not be able to feel how big the bowl is, I couldn't take the whole bowl from any other angle. Basically its about 4 person's size. Nothing else but just noddles, veggie and half an egg.

They also put a tick tac clock in front of me. I was eating slowly because it was really HOT ! Half way through the soup is still as hot as ever, I asked for a smaller bowl and took the noodle out into the small bowl to cool down. At exactly 1-2 seconds left, I put all the remaining noddles in my mouth.

But then later they said I had to finish the whole bowl including the soup!

There was some arguing but nevertheless I lost the challenge :( I had to pay RM 40 for a lot of noodles that were just swallow in ... I am quite sure my evening poop will be in complete noodel shapes ....

This is also the result of simply relying on the waitress's word and didn't read the fineprint myself ...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sabah on world map ...

Sabah or North Borneo, hosts the Largest Undivided Leaf in the world ... it could goes up to 3 meters long and 2 meters wide ...

and also the largest flower too ... this could be as wide as 1 meter and weight more than 10 kg

Corruption ? Does NOT affect me ...

RM 140 billions corruption money is paid to politicians every year in developing country including Malaysia according to Global Corruption Report 2009.

Some may think mega projects have no impact to us little citizens, but from 1990 to 2005 alone, consumers like you and me have been overcharged RM 1.5 trillions as an indirect result from these corruptions. Everything flows downwards, we will always be the ones facing consequences.

Fasting or Feasting month ?

Bulan Puasa or Fasting month is once a year event where we remember the unfortunates by not consuming any food nor drinks when the sun is up. By doing so, we 'feel' a little bit of the hunger some may have to face 365 days a year.

It is a holy month where our mind and soul is cleansed as well.

In real world, this is also the month the believers are broken into 2. One group became saints and do more good than usual. They stop throwing rubbish on the floor, start obeying all the traffic rules etc. The other group starts to hide all the wrong doing. Think of all kind of excuses to allow them NOT to fast. Disappear during day time and come out party whole night long etc.

But increasingly what is even more interesting is ... Fasting Month has become Break-Fast Month. Nowadays, there isn't much things left for spiritual meanings ... Fasting Month is now a Happy month because there are a lot of great offers on food and drinks ! The purpose of fasting is to break fast !

The unfortunates may still be thought off, the soul may still be holy during the short moments during praying. But it became so routine that the true meaning of Fasting Month has faded away. Now we celebrate one whole month of great food during night time and then followed by Ramadan - a day and night feast.

Happy Feasting Month ! Just a few more days to go ...

Protest Low Price by Throwing it away ?

In Europe, prices for milk have become so low that the farmers lost money by producing them. After the situation prolong for a while without resolution from the authorities, the farmers fed up and now they pours 3 millions liters of milk on their farm land.

This is not one of those home grown farm land, but a huge one in Belgium ...

They even produces some master piece of Arts while wasting food ...

Who said adult cann't play with food too ?

How about one or two drips for us please ? It could be life or death for us here ...

hmm ... thanks ...

Now that our stomach is filled, if you guys still have some extra, we don't mind to be spiritually full filled by milk too ...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Longest one stretch cloud in the world

Interesting cloud formation hundred of miles long in Western Australia ...

Good Morning Malaysia 2009 !! ~ 999 ~

Malaysia was formed on 16 Sep 1963 when Sabah, my home land, tag along Malaya as an independance land ... little did I know back then, 30 years later I have transformed from a Sabahan into a Kuala Lumpurian.

In order to refresh my mind as a Malaysia citizen, I decided to start new again getting to know Malaysia. One of my first encouters was seeking help from one of the highest authority - emergency help from police enforcement team ... I called 999 for help.

First call ~ ring ~ ring ~ ring ~ ... ( a short hick up indicating line transfer ) ~ rang ~ rang ~ rang ~ ... ( a temporary disorder sound heard but quickly ringing continues ) ~ ring ~ ring ~ ring ~ ... ( ringing continues for 1-2 minutes) ~ duuuuuu..u...u....u......u ....... ( the line gets cut off by itself )

( While listening passionally with the rings, I remembered I once heard a radio station commented how great our emergency line was where they promised to pick up calls within how many seconds. I started to realize the Badawi era is really over .... and we are entering Najib's play ground .... after a few more attempts, a real person picked up the phone! Hurray ! )

Lady voice: Hello ? ( sounded a bit irritated, it was about 1am )
citizen : I need Help!
999: Ya ?
citizen : Someone throw some explosive stuff into my house and it exploded! I am very scare! Can you please send someone over to check it out!?
999: explosion ? ( sounded un-believable )
citizen : Yes! Please ...
999: what is the explosive device ?
citizen : I don't know, I just heard a big explosion and now I locked all the doors and windows ...
999: what does the explosion sound like ?
citizen : ( huh ? A bit puzzle not sure how to answer ) ... sounded like a bomb !? ( make the sound bomb using his mouth )
999: are you sure it is explosive sound ? Or is it a firecracker ?
citizen : I dont know ... firecracker goes like 'bang!' and this one goes like 'bomb!' .... ( felt a bit helpless how to describe his situation )
999: can you just lock your doors ? ( as in they don't feel like taking this case seriously )
citizen : I already lock my doors, I really need help, please at least send someone over ....

( The lady at the emergency line repeated the questions a few more times, perhaps hoping the caller to feel more frustrated and hang up !? But after 3-4 minutes of repetitive questions and answers, she said ...

999 : Hold on, let me transfer you ...

( put on hold, then a male voice appears )

999 : Sir, I understand that you are being threathen by some explosive at your place ?
citizen : yes !
999 : We will be coming now ...
citizen : Thank you very much ! ( felt relief )

30 minutes passed by, no one showed up. Then the phone rang. Police called back.

999 : Are the kids still around ?
citizen : The offender has left with motocycles while throwing in the explosive stuff.
999 : If they are gone, then there is not much we can do.
citizen : Can you please come check my place ?
999 : *sigh* ( as if this caller is really a pain in the ass ). Are the kids Chinese ?
citizen : ( puzzled and chocked up a little bit ) Huh ? .... err .... I am not sure what race they are, I think I saw their skins are darker in color !?
999 : Ok, we will patrol your place later.
citizen : Wei ... I have managed to capture 2 number plates
999 : What are the numbers ?
citizen : KBY 2740 and WSD 8906
999 : hmm ... ( no sign of writting down the numbers ). We will patrol your place, ok ?
citizen : ( felt the clear sign the officer wanted to end the calls ) ... ok ...

2-3 hours later, there was still no sign of law enforcement team ...

Luckily there wasn't any more scary incidents that night, the offenders left and didn't come back. But I wonders what would happen if the offender wasn't just want to scare us ... will the case be different ? Will I be saved by the emergency assitance team ?

Something ponders around my mind till now ...

How come no one picked up 999 and the line got cut off ? Does other people have a chance to call again like I did ?

How come Police said they are coming but didn't ? Is it because they know the future that I would be OK or was I just lucky to be alive ?

Anyway, Good Morning and Happy 46th birthday Malaysia !!

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