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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Unsolved Mystery : surprise visitor

A surprise visitor came visit my kitchen last week.

Just in case you weren't sure who I was talking about, its this Mr. Snails.

The weird thing is, how in the world did he get there ?  

Its a stand alone stove, slightly elevated with these wheels ...

Even if Mr. Snails climbed through the wheels, how did he cross this little metal stove rod ?

Then I looked up the roof, doesn't seem like he can do "Mission Impossible" trick from this kind of roof neither ...

Life is Full Of Mysteries ...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Luckily I am nobody ...

To suckers who like wars,

You should feel lucky that I am nobody,
Should I have the slighest power,
a button to push to end you all,
there WILL BE no hesistation;
even if that make me an evil like you.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stupid Toll Agreement ?

I have mix feeling on this topic ...

Basically one of Malaysia Largest Toll Road agreement with Goverment is published.  One analyst found out that

The more people use the toll road,
the toll charges they have to pay !

As a consumer, I would be pretty pissed too !  Why should I let you earn more from me !

But if we think properly ... its actually perfect logic.  In an open business environment, price is determined by supply and demand.  'Supply' of a toll road is fix as the same road is there.  If more of us are using it, then the 'Demand' increases.  When Demand is more than Supply, the price goes UP !

Along with that principal, there are many 'excuses' can be easily found too.
Since there are more people using the roads, we need to 'upgrade' it, make more lanes to increase 'Supply' in order to bring the toll charge down.  However, in order to do that, we need money and therefore we have to increase toll charge first.

When more people use the roads, higher maintainence is needed.

There is a lifespan to everything.  As the road gets older, more money is needed to keep it alive !

Lets see if the toll companies can come up with smart answers like this ... the way they answer will determine how smart they are !

Monday, January 05, 2009

entertainers : Twins vs S.H.E

SHE won most of the awards in 2008.  Twins fans commented that SHE won simply due to Twins absence.  SHE were offended by that.

Twins appeared in Hong Kong much earlier than SHE long ago.  Ah Kiu (right) is the type of lady I would fall for and fansy about.  However, as time goes, Ah Sa (left) is proven more adventurous and earn my respect for her personality.

There are properly 1 or 2 songs I like among their albums but I cann't remember which ones.

Later Ah Kiu's private 18SX pictures were stolen and went public.  Which eventually ruin her career and no longer appear as celebrity since then.  Ah Sa continues on her own and now more known with her full name Charlene Choi.

Ah Kiu could have become so much more famous along with the 18SX issue.  But her personality wouldn't let her take advantage of such an event.

SHE is much more dynamic.  3 of them have very different personalities and yet they are able to stay together for such a long time.  The result ... a unique blend that can full fill a large group of audience.

I am hot for Hebe and sometimes fantasize on Selina.  Ella's personality gains much of my respect as time goes.

Their albums try many different lyrics and styles.  And eventually there are about 5-10 songs I like from SHE. 

From entertainment aspect, there are really not much comparison in my opinion.  SHE is much more entertaining over the time.  However, there really souldn't be any comparison neither since one of them is from Hong Kong and another from Taiwan.  Background, entertainment needs and elements are all different back then.

I would have voted for SHE and keep my wish to become a close friend with Ah Kiu.  :p

Sunday, January 04, 2009

How to cure a curve shape belt ...

Have you ever faced the problem that your belt has mutated into a weird shape after you wear it for some times ?

Well, mine does and the weird shape even cause me some back ache problems.  So I was trying to figure out how to solve this problem.

I am a right handed person so I wear my belt this way.

Then I started wear my belt differently or in opposite way.

Only after 2-3 times of wearing my belt opposite ways, the shape of the belt is fix !!  WaLah .....

Actually the curve shapeof your belt also indicate you are overweight !!
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