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Monday, June 24, 2013

Takes for Granted

Part of the FREE stuff comes with a relationship is Takes for Granted.
At one glance, one may feel it's a negative aspect,
and most people do end up negatively when too much are taken for granted indeed.
but not many realize it might not be Takes for Granted that caused the troubles
rather it is caused by the understanding and perception toward Takes for Granted.

It takes time to build trust in a relationship,
but once its built, it starts to roll into a comfort zone
If I think I know a person and trusted him
then very likely I am not going to worry too much about him
as I know and trust him already.

As such, whenever he has some slight changes
I may no longer be as sensitive as I first know him
because when I think I know a person and trusted him
I may have Taken him for Granted.

So when someone Takes you for Granted,
that's because he has trusted you up to some level
and he thought he knows you already
which is unfortunately not entirely true.

Because Who I am now 
could be different
than Who I will be the next seconds
and different from Who I was yesterday.

That's why falling in love with the same person again and again is entirely possible, true and has been happening everyday by great people.  We may still Takes things for Granted but we see it as part of love and . . . it comes Free in a lasting relationship.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tell him . . .

Its important to tell him what is really happening,
even if it might not affect the end result

it is his matter what he thinks, react and what he does
and it is your own matter how you feel, what you do
and together truthful sharing 
may become the most important factor 
of a lasting relationship.

however, truthful sharing may not be easy,
too much too sudden sharing of the whole truth,
may shake someone's belief until he hides.
too little too abstract description,
may put people in confusion.

So the simplest first step and bridging this years long communication gap,
is barely describe current situation in the sweetest way possible.

"I am glad you called, we just sat down on the east wing.  We will come over now to the west wing now, see you soon darling !"

"Glad your meeting is over.  We were just talking about Japanese but Chinese is great too"

knowing a person is one thing,
truthful sharing where we stand together is another.
we can't demand nor change the people we love
but its our loves for him that we share truthfully with him.

I will do anything, everything for you
and I just want you to know it
that's all.

Hope this helps . . .

Sunday, June 02, 2013


Smile is a powerful expression
it can show your happiness
and it can hide away all your sorrows

Smile is a powerful weapon
it can disarm your enemies
and it can also fool yourself
from the real you.
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