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Monday, March 30, 2009

Lost Season 5 Episode 10 - can Past changes Future

Some may notice I didn't talk about Episode 9, 8 etc.  Thats because those were the love stories stuff that put me to sleep while watching them.  "Is 3 years enough to forget about someone?" ... arg .... only sentimental chicks would fall for that ... and the clear answer is "yes 3 years are enough to forget ... as long as she doesn't showed up again", .... da ..... ?

Episode 20 is all about Sayid actually killed Ben with one gun shot.  Which would be interesting to see how this will affect previous and future events.  But ofcourse I think the 10 year old Ben didn't die, the small knife holder saved him, a gift from Lock :)

Anyway, below is some interesting information transacted between two fans, so I would like to record them here in this blog ... 

This Color are commented
This Color is my respond

1) Kid Ben killed by Sayid. But Faraday's theory of "whatever happens, happened" has to be the root law of the show. Either we'll see Ben been rescued by Jack and Juliet all it'll goes into some parallel universe explanation. In one universe, Ben is dead, but in the other, he still lives.
idea of parallel universe is not used in Lost.

2) I've a feeling the final season might give the explaination that the cause of the Oceanic 815(can't remember the number, correct?) crashed is due to something the time traveller has caused in the past ..so it goes into an infinite loop......they crashed, go back in time, cause the crash and go back in time.....which i dun like very much. Hopefully not. Frankly, i'm not too pleased with the time travel explanation which will seems like the key solution to explain most of the things.
it could go infinite or it could stop right there right then as if nothing happened, desmond has gone thru that remember ?

But somethings still not explained yet:
1) Why and where did Kate leave Aaron? It was never mentioned so far.
Kate was kind of forced to move and eventually accept Jack's suggestion to go back to the island, doesn't have to leave Aaron for that
2) Is Claire dead?(Most likely) And why is her ghost joining Jacob/Christian?
I dont think Claire is dead, that might be the secret trade between the Island and Claire, so that Aaron can live. you don't have to die to be on the island, remember ?
3) What is that smoke monster? Manisfetation of the Island?
many explaination for the smoke but I haven't found one that can convince myself yet
4) Who the hell is Jacob anyway? Why does he takes the form of Christian?
I dun think Jacob took the form of Christian, that was on the eye of the beholder. If sayid was the one who met Jacob, he would have called him Allah. Jacoob was assigned by god to run the island - eden, or Jacob was assigned to keep human aways from heaven, totally two different angles but its the same actually.
5) Why Richard is an immortal?
richard ? because he is the ultimate victim in time travel, he never live at one place, he does what he do and did all at the same time, to his own perception that is, yet carries different characters in different time. just like those who start to bleed after a while, Richard doesn't bleed to death doing that. To Richard, it has only been 5 minutes so far ... ofcourse he doesn't seem age.
6) What is the real purpose of going back to the island? Jack and the rest seems to think that by going back, it can rescue their friends, but now, instead of achieving that, they're more stuck than ever.
the whole island thing is so that these people can release Jacob back in charge.


2) Oceanic 815 crashed because Desmond felt lazy to push the Swan's button. That has been revealed for a while. If you wanna trace it to the past, then Desmond will be the key.

but why didn't he want to press the button ? and he did press the button after all didn't he ? 

remember the pendulum that can calculate what time the 'gate' opens ?

the events are all set, people are put in front of the event and see if the people would do the event or not, some got unlimited chance to make one event happen while some only have one chance .... sounds familiar yet ?


I call that judgment day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Collagen Water ?

Have you ever seen Collagen Water ?  Well, now we have it.  So you don't need to eat Bird Nest anymore, just buy this $3 water will do ...

Its Golden in Color

very well certified :)

shopping arena inside Desa Park City

Random pictures ... are these taken at nice angles ?  Got talent or not ?


... 原有老花及近视,做这个穴道按压半年后去验视力已达1.2,现在他已不带眼镜。有空就按压明眼穴。工作离不开电脑的人更需要这个妙方!祝您健康!





这是项简单的按摩方法,当工作的休息时间,或是等车的空档,任何时间均可自行操作。眼睛疲劳往往不容易入睡的人,如果施予上述 的刺激来消除眼睛的疲劳,便可轻易入睡,以上的方法还可以抑制老人性的白内障。

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Congrat on Shariza ...

Congrat to Shariza winning over Rafidah on chief position ... o wait, wasn't it supposed to be a pass over without election intially ? ... oh well, still congrat anyway ...

Air Asia Food on Flight

I used to love the western food I get from Malaysia Airline but when local dishes are offered in Air Asia, I have to stop using MAS once and for all.

The last trip I went to Ho Chi Min City, I ate both Nasi Lemak and Briyani ...

They are just tasty !!

Ok ok ... its not like heaven but its pretty good.  Just a bit lacking on the portion.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Multiple Streams of Income

One of the ways to improve from today's recession is to create Multiple Streams of Income. For example, when you go beg .... bring your dog and cat together ...

WTH !! What's the CAT doing there ? Hasn't she read the code and conducts of begging handbook ?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Chinese the Problem of Malaysia Unity

Tun M mentioned stubborness of Chinese sticking to own chinese education is the major problem for Malaysia education unity.

Although I was chinese educated and strongly support all chinese to send their kids to chinese schools but I have to agree and as a matter of fact it has been the same thing what I have been preaching all along as well, nationalism needs to be in the same direction.

Nationalism's first step is to be in the same direction.  It doesn't even need to be Right or Wrong.  As long as ALL of us are moving in the same direction, it is POSSIBLE to change direction if previous path was wrong.  Before we are moving in the same direction, right or wrong DOES NOT MATTER whatsoever, its just plain chaos and as long as Unity is not form, this nation will go no where.

First of all, we are in a multi-races community.  Be it Islamic country or what, the fact is we are in a multi race community.  As a matter of fact the word race isn't the right word here neither, there are many ethic groups in Malaysia.

There is a slight difference between race and ethic and I strongly believe after 50 years of Malaysia, we have moved on from race to ethic groups.  Although many ethic groups may still appear as if seems like racism.

So we have to very clear who we are and what we are standing on when we make a statement.

For example, as a Malaysian, we have to agree on One Malaysia school system.  But when change ground, as an ethic group, I may want to go to chinese school.  Many may find this contradicting but actually it is NOT.

Its like when my foreign friend came visit me asking me to bring him to a local Malaysian dish, I would share my nasi lemak and satay with him.  Enjoying very much on satay myself I do not eat them every day.  I have my normal rice with normal non-halal meals daily but I would still tell all my friends that Nasi Lemak and satay are what I think represend malaysia food best.

If eating nasi lemak and satay has a national effect that may bring the whole of Malaysia into a more united future, I may have to reconsider what I eat everyday yes.  I may still end up eating most of what I eat now but I may give it more weight when choosing my meals.

And that is all that matter.  Eat whatever you want as you like but once in a while, you need to remember your nationality and stand on the nation ground to think about the future of this nation, both for you, your old folks and espeically your future generations.  Other than your normal ethical life style.

Safely speaking after 50 years, E D U C A T I O N  is the Number 1 factor why Malaysia is NOT doing as well as what we could have been.

Any CEO who has run a company of more than 100 people successfully understand that getting everyone on the same page is the first move.  You can always steer them into better direction as we go along.  Else there is no future for success at all.

There is NO QUESTION in my mind that the Solution is SIMPLE.  Have one school system that supports multiple ethic studies within the school as per request by the school occupants - the students and the parents.  So if 80% of a particular school's request to teach in certain language, all be it.  The school will also be responsible for its own national exam result and future adaption to the society.  That way, you make your own decision and you are responsible for it.  Time will kill those ignorant ones and the stronger one will survive.  By then, a mature one school system will appear naturally.

This simple solution becomes NOT EASY because people do not stand on the right ground to make the right statement.  Tun M stands on national ground and making comments about ethic groups.  MCA stands on ethic ground making comments on national matter.  How can they ever agree to steer on the same direction ?

Its just like 2 kids fighter over a candy, "Its mine !" ... "No !  Its mine!" .... but actually one is refering to the chocolate and another to the candy box.  They could have had what they want sitting down together and laughing out loud, "You so stupid, you just want the box!" ... "No !  This box can fill with other candies ... "

Sunday, March 22, 2009

2.8 millions dinner - French ofcourse !

What is the most expensive meal you have ever had ?  How about $ 2.8 million ?

One night in Ho Chih Minh City ( locally called Saigon in Vietnam),  Romance hits overule any sanity.  Took a taxi slip in and out as the usual Vietnam way of traffic, reached this not-so-bright bangalow, not that outstanding looking if were just passing by.

The restoran is called Au Manoir De Khai, located at 251 Dien Bien Phu.  If you visit Saigon and pick up any trourist guide looking for Fine Dinning on French, you will most likely to end up with this restoran as well.

This is the sign out of the building ...

name printed on the menu

Amusement starts when entered through the door.  A lot of lightings hang around trees shows that runner of this place did try his best to justify the price he is going to charge for ...

nice stand up candle lights before entering into the house - restaurant

Once inside the restaurant, its pretty dark around everywhere.  Seems like romance is definitely the theme here ...

The brightest part of the room is the roof ...

here is a view of the room

so we finally sat down ...

Its French, ofcourse there is wine glass ... opps, wine glasses

Table setup, everything looks pretty golden just because of the holder there ...

its also a cinema, off the phone please ... great show about to start ...

OMG, even the bread tasted so great !  The tiny chesse bread is the Most Unforgetable bread I have ever tasted !

see ?  Its French ... damn tiny portion, taste is great, pretty Olive taste

size gets bigger, this one is pretty typical western taste

Soup is great, but I wouldn't call it any more French than Italian

I think this is goose liver.  Most of the goose liver I tried in Hong Kong and Malaysia are usually minced.  So this is the First time I have ever tasted a Whole Piece of Goose Liver.  Only now I understand why some say goose liver is the best food ever.  Its so soft and solutable in mouth.  Although very small piece, when reaching the 2nd half, I started to feel full due to the strong liver taste ...

Wine is just great to go with the liver ...

Then suddenly this dish come up.  Its a big ice cube with blended ice cream on top.  The icy cream is very sweet and sour.  This is what they call mouth washer, normally served after the front part of the meals and before the later part - main course.  Basically it is to clear up your taste bud before having their main course.

The thing is after finishing the ice cream, there is a hole beneath it.  Inside the ice hole, there are some liquid in it.  I tasted it and its hard liquar !  But the hole is really small so its not easy to drink the every drips in it.  Since the whole thing is an ice cube, so I cann't really take the whole thing up and drink it like a cup.

Actually you are suppose to push the ice cream into the hole mix with the hard liquar and then dig the ice cream from the hole.  That way, you can finish the whole ice cream and the hard liquar.  Below picture shows some left over hard liquar sips through the ice when it start to melt ...

Da da !  Main courses ....

But the main courses aren't that special.  Basically French does not marinate or add too much spices.  They tends to show the most original taste of the meat.  And these meats are exactly from Saigon so ....

Would I recommend this to all ?  Hmm ... not for the food.  You can probably have 80% match of the food here with 50% of the price out there.  But then again, its a great once in a lifetime experience.  Ya ... once in a lifetime expenses as well, 2.8 million !!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pak Lah stepping down 2 April

I would have thought 1 April is a much better day to step down but then again, its really HIS decision.

We will miss you Pak Lah, I sure WILL !  

From the "Nice Old Man" with the "Highest Integrity Man" of all Malaysian, led into the BIGGEST victory of Barisan National of all time .... 

To the "shortest period ever Prime Minister" ends with the "WORST lost" of all time for BN as well ...

You HAVE IT ALL !!  You sure is the MAN !  I cann't imagine who can top you in near future at all ...

started all well
quite well in personal life too ....

but perhaps sleep a bit too well ...

Monday, March 16, 2009

1Utama is promoting my web site

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sue Commenters !

General public web browsers who left comment on web sites are charged by court, faced jail terms and fine.  news from theStar

Some international citizens or aliens in the universe may find this amusing.  So perhaps I can help them understand a bit better ...

Malaysia is a beautiful country run by 5 lines of sentences called Rukun Negara or National Principles.  It is by these 5 principles that we live in peace and harmony.  Here are them in native language ( copied from wiki ):


Translation ( also copied from wiki, I didn't type it )


OK, the reason I explicitly said I didn't type it is because you can get sued and executed for the transalation.  The correct translation for the 1st line should be Belief in Tuhan.  Wrongly assume GOD is Tuhan in ignorance is the Biggest offence in this country as you can see, the first and top of the 5 principles.  This offense implies that you, the ignorant, want to break the peace among the people in this country.

Getting back to these poor fellows who got sued for leaving humiliating message on sultan web site.  On the surface, they are violating the 2nd line of National Principles where we are suppose to be loyal to the king.

You may ask, is Sultan the same as King ?  Well, not exactly.  Sultan ( سلطان‎ ) is sort of like the king in a state. But since you can only have one king in a country, the Islamic states ultimate governor is called Sultan. Not all states in Malaysia have sultan. Sultan are found in these 7 states Johor, Kedah,Kelantan, Pahang, Perak, Selangor and Terengganu.

So Sultan is NOT the King? Well, not exactly neither. Every 5 years, the king is elected out of these sultans. So when you deal with sultans, you are either dealing with an ex-King or King-to-be.

So you do have King in Malaysia ? Well, still not exactly. We have Yang di_Pertuan Agong but you can savely assume he is the King of Malaysia (wiki).

Where was I ? Oh ya, the poor commenters.

So they run the risk of violating the 2nd principal of breaking the peace and harmony of this country by leaving such comments.  Since its a pretty serious offense, the only thing that can help them is the 1st principal I guess - Tuhan.  By the way, I cann't find Malaysia definition on Tuhan but you can get a similar one from Indonesia's way of definition here.

Not many people actually read the comments.  Now that it has become evidence, they are well hidden and protected for court cases.  So all of us still don't know what line NOT to cross.

What about democracy and freedom of speech you may ask ?  Well, we are still a democratic country where we have election.  So what about it ?  And freedom of speech, don't tell me you haven't heard the latest trend that total freedom is disasterous.  Most of the world greatest freedom nations are moving back to protectnism system only if they could.  It may not be right but more and more rulers agree.  Afterall, leaving a comment on a web site isn't exactly the same as 'speaking'.  We Malaysia is way ahead of the trend as a matter of fact, just like our 1997 recession fixxing methods are now used by the largest nations on earth now.  At least Tun Mahathir said so.

By the way, you cann't call our Ultimate Ruler 'agung' because agung are these drums ...

Other than that, Malaysia is a wonderful place.  Do visit us, bring a lot of money here and make this your second home.  You wouldn't regret the amusement you can obtain here.

We have great views ... ( below pic is cameron highland )

hot girls

and one great guy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Browse 3 books today ...

These are the 3 books I browse today

The Guru Investor writes about a list of greatest investors and their methods over time.

The Great Depression of Debt - Just because someone asked about debt and loan in my finance blog, I suddenly pay more attention to this topic.

Profit From the Panic - doing the opposite is always in my radar

These are my comments after browsing them:

Profit From the Panic is really about technical analysis.  They talk about trends and use tons of charts showing you how easy to earn from the market.  Most of the analysis methods are really simple and basic so you could have easily obtain them in internet and also my finance blog.  Some readers may already know that I claim technical analysis is actually just trying to make sense out of gambling strategies.  Although I use it a lot, but I strongly warn people who invest PURELY base on technical analysis.  Anyway, if you are new and want to start learning basic patterns in technical analysis, then this could be a good book.

This book is very Singapore oriented.  So a lot of great tips showing there is not suitable for Malaysian.  However, international and singapore market trading could have used those tips.

I used 6-10 minutes browsing time.

Although The Great Depression of Debt mentions it is talking about the 21st century Great Depression but it is really base on 19th and 20th stuff.  I don't find any special methods or tips about debt control at all.  Basically it is warning you the depression is coming, bigger and bigger.  Which is kind of already known by quite a lot of people already.  2008 start the cycle, then 2017, followed by 2029 etc.

This book is very USA oriented, so some stuff are not applicable for people from south east asia.  Further more this book also shows you how much you need to save in order to retire.  But all are just simple compounding interest varies across different period of years.  Which I strongly recommend reading my finance blog for similar analysis.

I browsed for 4-6 minutes.

At first glance, The Guru Investor is one of those typical books which compile a lot of existing info together and make it easy for reader to find them all in the book.  I normally do not buy this kind of book because most of the info there are already known, I just take note of what I didn't know and then do my own research on it, slowly expanding my knowledge on it.

Usually this kind of book is also the most expensive ...

review on this book browse to be written later 

Browsed for 15 minutes, then another 40 minutes in depth.

but eventually I ended up buying this book.
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