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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another chapter ended - good bye Chua ...

Putting personal preferance aside, its important for us to stay calm but critical when observing evolvement around us. During Perak political change hand incident, shortly after the Sultan explained himself, I concluded that was the end of PR - the losing party in Perak transition. No one liked my early conclusion including myself but nevertheless, those were the facts of those time. As far as how it evolves until today, my months old judgment has been correct until now.

MCA is the largest Chinese political party in Malaysia. After their last internal election, the No. 1 man is Ong and the 2nd is Chua. Both are very controversial men. Ong always do things as he thinks RIGHT even by ignoring the TREND of what other big guys are doing. Chua had been expected to be the NEXT no. 1 guy until the exposure of his private sex life - adultery.

Below shows a series of events since MCA has the No.1 and 2 guys in place ...
1. Ong gave some tasks to Chua but commonly viewed as non essential tasks and none ministry related
2. Chua tried to be nice for a very short while but then openly hinted his talent was purposely covered.
3. Chua successfully pursued Prime Minister to assign him special task, a task beyond MCA
4. Chua openly lead his people in varies functions disregard the No.1 in many occasions
5. Ong and Chua both use media to openly accuse, hint and talk trash to one another
. As of right now, Chua or his gang is pressuring the No.1 guy ... potentially including asking him to step down, roll over, bend down whatever. Ong on the other hand do what he does best, goes public with his current situation hinting that he may not be able to hold any longer. If Ong cann't get support from the other big boys, he always go for MANY small boys. As long as the Quantity of small boys win over the pressure brought by the powerful big boys, Ong is safe. This has been his unique political style.
6. Deputy PM finally made his comment that both MCA big boys should settle the matter under MCA's hook with the curtain closed, citing "Who doesn't have problems in our own house? "


If it is not clear to you yet, lets me conclude the chapter for you. Chua is over, good bye Chua.

Chua may realize this too but his followers will NOT. If Chua still has some smart over his pride, he may not do much from now on. But history has proved that he easily let himself influenced by the glory he loves to hold especially when his followers are with him. So, it will get messy, it will get very messy. Nothing is worse than an ended chapter but the losing party refuse to apprehend nor accept.

As of now, the only way Ong can go down is when he himself is letting go but there is no CLEAR sign of that yet. The only way Chua can maintain 'something' is to concentrate 100% on his tasks and focus on results. If he is able to bring a significant improvement to the whole country within the next 2 years, he may have a chance to redeem. But it is unlikely to happen looking at his personality and his political style. Chua can only be as good as what is given to him, he has not been the type to outgrown in the past.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Singapore, Malaysia ...

Singapore and Malaysia are so much alike .... and yet very different. Perhaps I can safely comment that we WERE both started from the same source, but yet ended rather differently, NOT completely opposite, but RATHER DIFFERENTLY.

Have just watched The History of Singapore from Discovery channel. There were a few key messages left with me:

1. After abandon by Malaysia, Singapore survived by inviting electronic manufacturing, which at that time was considered an 'evil' industry by other countires. Such moves were followed quickly by Malaysia.

2. When Lee Kuan Yew stepped down, the 'new' PM changed style into a totally FREEDOM countries which has encouraged many opposition party to rise in appearance. However, when an American is guilty of vendalism, Singapore went ahead to cane the American regardless pressure from Clinton. This showed as 'soft' as the new PM was, he was 'hard' too.

3. Singapore followed Britain to take care of welfare of the people by building many homes. However, Singapore decided to sell the homes instead of renting it like it was in Britain. Soon, British followed the strategy.

4. After 40 years of carefully controlled economy by the goverment, it is really questionable if the same method can be continued. And Singpaore goverment knows very well of this situation. They said, "The new economy is about idea" and started BioTech city. Which eventually encourage the citizen to start thinking for themselves after so many years of pampering by the goverment.

How about Malaysia ? Well, lets see ...

1. We followed quickly setting up FREE industrial zones in Penang, Selangor etc. Copying is better than ignorant the trend, I guess.

2. We had Pak Lah, who were well known as 'soft' too. But unfortunately there isn't any 'hard' legacy did he leave us.

3. Here, anyone can build, anyone can buy. But its never about 'home', its just houses we built.

4. We also have BioTech City but it isn't apparent that is our future. We are still playing games of "sue first, care later", "racism", "use public news channel to communicate internal party conversations" etc.

After living here in Malaysia for more than half life, I don't really know where we were and where we are heading to. I must be very stupid ...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Internet, Truth, Lies or just Transitions ...

Truth For Teoh Beng Hock blog mentions that he hated DAP corruption, made a lot of copies of the 'evidence', passed to a friend and now the 'evidences' are revealed. It shows tons of happy go lucky kind of pocket moneys from RM 1,000 to RM 10,000 totalling to a big sum.

I watch, I read, I listen ... and I am still waiting ...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

High Value vs High efficiency School Buses

Scholl Bus in Japan ... with computers, wireless connection etc. Get things done or keep yourself busy on the way to school ...

School bus in Pakistan. No need to do anything, just look out, get some fresh air and smile ! Be Happy !

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Should you buy branded shoes ?

What do you think of this shoes ?

Its actually quite a sturdy shoes ... good for both casual wear or hard labour work ...

But in less than 6 months, see what happened ?

let me zoom in further for you ....

it breaks so easily in no time !!

Is this BIG HAMMER a branded shoes ? Will you buy it .... ?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Real Person Figure on your web site ?

Have you ever come across those sales pitch about having Virtual Person for your web site ?

Well, that has been the hot topic for a while now. Basically if you have a talking figure on your web site, you can EARN BIG MONEY from your site !!

But wait a minute ! This is the figure they provide ? What about friendliness ? What happen to 'real' person figure ? I sure don't want this weird looking dude on my web chase / scare away my visitors ...

It wasn't a mistake ... see all the other figures they provide. NONE of them SMILE !! I am guessing the programmers are just pulling a big joke out of their lady boss ...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Secret Shopper ... Insider True Info

Do you know that there are programs called secret shopper ? Basically you sign up as a secret shopper, you shop at some destinated place and provide feedback on your shopping experience. In return, you get PAID !!

Sounds great ! Isn't it !?

I don't know what I did right in the past but one day an email came in asking me to become a secret shopper. Reading the first few lines is enough to make me think they are not just another scam. So I click their links and go through the process ...

1. First you must go through an Orientation, just like a new job orientation - literally !

There are about 4-6 chapters of stuff to read, each is about 10-40 pages.

2. Then you need to take a TEST. Your passing mark is 100%! That is right ! You have to get ALL questions CORRECT ! Or else You FAIL !

Oh my ... I have never met such a strict employer before. So I had to go back to the 1st step to study all materials by heart then ... Na ! Just kidding! If you know me well enough, I always take my test FIRST and LEARN later ! Ha Ha !

Actually the exam was really tough. But then again once in a while, they put up some funny questions to cheer me up so that I can continue through happily ...

Like this one, take a look at answer option C.

Q: What should a staff do at the end of a transaction ?
A: Give you a Smile that seems forced !?

I wonder if anyone would actually click that as an answer.

And this one makes me relate to impotent immediately, IS THIS FRY ACCEPTABLE ?

Ok, you can repeat the exam for 3 times. And immediately one after another. For example, you took the test and you got 12 wrong, you will have to answer those 12 quetions immediately. There is no coming back, no 2nd job interview ... this is it ! You have to get 100% mark !!

When is the last time You got 100% in anything ?

... and that is just the beginning, tons of more stuff to do after this stage ...
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