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Friday, May 28, 2010

The story of LOST

Once upon a time, there is an Island. The Island has a heart. The heart emits out bright lights and results a few special phenomenon;
  • people may not age or die
  • the island can move through space
  • some people on the Island may move through time
  • there is a tele-transporter / teleport that can move people through space and time
  • there is a strong electromagnetic pockets that can reset time for the whole world
  • dying people can be saved by emerging into holy water
  • people's consciousness may swap through space and time
  • dead people spirits can appear and communicate with people
  • dead people spirits who have done bad things whisper in the jungles cannot move on ...
  • time on the Island behaves slightly different than outside world
  • . . .
If this light is removed, the Island will be destroy and sunk. Hence some people think they are meant to protect the Island by protecting the light.

One day, a pregnant lady came to the Island and gave birth to Jacob and Man In Black. Jacob eventually became the protector of the Island while Man In Black was turned into a black smoke monster. Both of them live eternally and cannot kill each other.

Then a slave ship called Black Rock crushed onto the Island. Smoke monster killed everyone on the ship and only one slave survived. He is Richard and eventually works for Jacob. With Richard's help, new inhabitants on the Island start to form again.

During mid 1950s, US Army came to the Island with a hydrogen bomb. But the inhabitants managed to take control and bury the bomb.

Then a corporation called Dharma Initiative came to the Island in 1970 to conduct varies experiments. In 1974, a special group of people suddenly appeared from the future and joined Dharma team. Not exactly as they planned it but more likely as fate or just by chance.

In 1977, the hydrogen bomb was detonated at a place called Swan. After that, all these people from the future disappeared and people on the Island can no longer give birth safely. They called this weird phenomenon "The Incident".

Dharma people always have a long standing conflict with the inhabitants. Eventually a person from within the Dharma team called Ben, killed everyone in Dharma team with poison gas. The Inhabitants then took over Dharma's compound.

But not every Dharma guy was dead. A guy who worked under ground survived the massive gas poison. His job was to push a button every 108 minutes in Swan station so that he can discharge the strong EM wave and save the world from massive destruction. However, there is also a last resort fail safe key which can save the world by reseting time so that history will repeat itself all over again.

One day, a special guy called Desmond sailed to the Island. Desmond took over the button pushing job but eventually used the fail safe key. Desmond is special because he survived from the massive EM exposure. Desmond also became one of the few people who was aware of the repeating history. Knowing the future, Desmond was trying to save his friend Charlie but he couldn't. Whatever happened will happen again. Eventually Charlie still die but for a good cause.

In Sep 2004, flight Oceanic 815 crashed onto this Island which appeared as the beginning of this story. The stories of the survivors begin here, both of their pasts and futures are presented as flash backwards and forwards.
  • Jack - a surgeon who rely heavily on science
  • Locke - a broken man who desperately want to rely on fate
  • Kate - who is always on the run
  • James - a con man due to his tragic childhood
  • Hurley - who can talked to the dead
  • Sayid - a torturer who has destined love
  • Jin and Sun - a Korean couple who are apart and yet together
  • Claire - a pregnant lady who is giving up her unborn child
  • Bernard and Rose - cross racial true love couple
  • Michael and Walt - father and son who were not really close before the crash
  • Boone and Shanon - brother sister from different parent
  • Christian - Jack's father who was dead and in a coffin during the crash
The stories of a few other people not from the crash were important too
  • Ben - major deceiver who is desperately wanting to relate to the Island
  • Juliet - was brought to the Island to solve the baby birth problem
  • Libby - mental patient with Hurley
  • Eko - drug dealer who became a priest
  • Penny - Desmond's true love
  • Daniel - scientist who figure out time travel etc.
  • Widmore and Eloise - were inhabitants on the Island, parent of Daniel and Penny
  • Frank - a pilot who can fly in ANY condition
The plane broke into 2 and fell to different places when it crashed. The front section of the survivors first found out about the special properties of the Island, especially the smoke monster. Then they entered into conflicts with the inhabitants which they called "The Others". Finally they reunited with the survivor from the rear section of the plane after a long journey.

Someone came to rescue but later the survivors realized the real purpose was not really rescuing them. But eventually 6 of the survivors still left the Island after 108 days while the other survivors flash through time a handful of times until they finally stopped at 1974 where they joined Dharma team.

Ben, followed by Locke later, both went after those who left the Island and pursued them to go back to the Island. In 2007, willingly or not, they took another plane and crash landed on the Island again.

During this crash, some of the survivors went back to 1977 and caused "The Incident". While the rest stay in 2007 and found that the smoke monster has appeared as Locke and killed Jacob with Ben's hand. Widmore came to the Island and fought with smoke monster, as a result almost everyone on the Island are dead except the Candidates or the chosen ones by Jacob.

At the end, the bright light from the heart of the Island was temporary removed. All the special properties were gone including smoke monster's eternal life. Hence the smoke monster was killed while in Locke's appearance. Jack turned the light back on and the Island goes back to normal while Frank fly everyone else leaving the Island, except Hurley became the protector of the Island and Ben became the 2nd man.

But the story doesn't end there. Because the story doesn't end when we die. You see, the Island also appears as a place where dead people goes. Dead people's spirit also appears as suddenly know things that they puzzle about when they were alive. This is because when you die, the notion of space and time doesn't matter anymore. There is no 'now' nor 'here'. Hence you will eventually know Everything. Its just a matter of when you let yourself to.

So eventually everyone die, even for those who left the Island. After that, all the notions of the survivors spirits all go back to the moment of Oceanic 6 crash in 2004. They all experience through the scenario of "What if it didn't crash?"

The experience went through smoothly. Everyone gets what they want. Eventually everyone also realize what they are. Accepted as it is, everyone will be able to move on and Christian took the first step walking toward the light.

.The End

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