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Sunday, September 12, 2010

City - death trap everywhere ...

This is right at down town city of Kuala Lumpur near KLCC, a place called Megan Avenue 1.

A narrow path walked into the power room ( Tenaga ) while the stair leads you walk up along the street.

After you walked up, you will see some part of the fence .... has NO fence !

Although it doesn't seem like anything, but its actually higher than 20 feets. A nice fall will just be the end.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A FREE Thinker Perspective Blog

sometimes you may wonder where we come from. you may have heard too many people answering that where we come from. some may told you there is a god who started everything. some others may have told you that there has always been like this. one end follows by another start and hence there isn't such thing as god. because there is no need to have one.

why, how and where can you find an answer ?

well, try ChampDog's philosophy on this topic.

Whether you are a serious philosopher or you were just browsing internet out of boredom, you may just find ChamDog offers you a sight of solution ...

In short ... ChamDog was able to combine the past 2,000 years of believes with current 21st century's progress to come up with ONE idea that explains it all ...

Just click here to find out if there is a God in this world ...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ipoh Foo San Dim Sum

The worst is to find a parking, a table but once you sit down, its time to enjoy ....

Many have blogged about this already so I am not sure what more do I want to add. In short, its one of the 'good' places to try out once in a while. Their dishes are really HUGE and the taste is fine. But the high human traffic and often out of stock condition kind of put some people off, especially if you go after 10am.

Monday, July 05, 2010


和她一起活了两载, 有开心过,也有伤心过. 但不曾无聊过.每当无所事事时会偷偷地看她. 不知道的她会更加可爱.偶尔她发现了甜蜜地假装问我在干什么也会有一种特别的感觉.

有时我做错事了她会很生气, 我也会很内疚. 虽然总是会越搞越糟糕, 但那也是她最明显地爱我的时候. 如果她不在乎那她也不会那么地生气了.

有时老夫老妻就是这样, 日子久了就也不再把爱挂在嘴边. 总要在生活中一些小事找真实. 有时还可能在最悲愤中看到爱.

可能很多人觉得真爱就应该永远幸福. 他们越得不到就越想要, 觉得那才是真实. 我不懂真爱, 也不曾要求天长地久. 我只清楚知道自己的真, 还有为她的一切.

我不会要求任何承诺, 只想知道她的感觉. 两载以来的一起比起任何永恒来的珍贵.

老婆,我知道我没任何资格要求甚么. 我已没有当时的年青,而答应了的宝马也遥遥无期. 可是以前没有网际网路, 而先在有了,所以我要告诉全世界 . . . , !!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

stand tall, look down, grand view ...

I have this craze about looking down. Standing high above the ground, look down and everything seems to be smaller. The higher I go, the more things I can see beneath me.

That is one of the reasons why I had to climb that mountain. Once at peak, it really feel like the whole world is within view. I start to see things that I can't before.

Its hard to explain why. I just have this craze.

I stay in one of the busiest city which also hosts one of the tallest tower in the world. Supposingly wherever you are in town, you can look up to find this tallest tower and hence you should know where you are in reference. But in actual life, you can't. I look up and somethings is always blocking the view. If I elevate up 10 feets, I can see slightly more stuff. If I go up to 10th floor, usually I will be able to find this landmark tower ... and hence know where I am now.

I always find myself finding where I am. When I am at a new place, I will find out more about that place. When I am where I was, I always wonder if this is really what I thought it is. I started to move things around, work with people differently to answer those questions.

The only time I am at rest is when I stand high above the clouds, look down and I never wonder where I am. All is calmness.

One of my persisted dreams since childhood is that I don't die falling from high place. I dream of that so many times for so many years that even now in my daily life, I really have this false perception that I may not die if I fall from 10th floor. I even have this weird tendency to jump whenever I go higher and higher.

Yes doctor said its a mild degree of mental disorder, so mild that no medicine can cure or stop it. As a matter of fact, every human being has this form of characteristic. There is only one fine line to cross. Most people suppress the tendency to cross that line with their belief, culture and social practices. I, the doctor told, on the other hand always tempt fate by going back and for. There is really nothing much anyone can do about it including myself. Its just that one day, if I cross the line and can't come back, then I die.

That is a price to pay if you think you can break away from the believes, religions, cultures and social behaviors that human have been building in thousands of years.

Will this craze of mine kill me one day ? What will I really bring to this world ? On this ground right now, I really don't know yet. All I have now is my present and right now I am hoping to build something that I can stand in and look down. Perhaps then I can answer those questions.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

LOST : What is the Heart of the Island ?

One of the most mystical thing in LOST is the HEART of the Island which emits out bright light which most believe is the reason for all the miracles happening on the Island. But what is this Heart really and how does it work ?

This is where the water is entering into the Heart of the Island. I call this "in-cave".

This is another place where water is flowing out. For now I speculate that this is where the water flows out of the Heart of the Island. I call this "out-cave".

So exactly how does this Heart of the Island works ?

1. This Heart of the Island emits out energy. So strong that it can destroy the whole Island or even the whole world. This destructive energy can be seen in red lights.

2. When you block part of this energy with a stone block, only a small amount of energy will emit out. When this happens, water will start to flow out from the out-cave. The water comes from a repository somewhere between the in-cave, the Heart and the out-cave, but closer to the out-cave.

3. This water will eventually flow into the in-cave. When this water reaches the Heart with a stone block, the small amount of released energy will appear as sparking bright light. This white bright light will bring miracle effects on the island, ie;
Human can live forever,
Human never grow old,
Broken leg can walk again ...
Human may turn into a smoke monster etc ....
4. If you remove the stone block, letting more energy flow out. The water will stop flowing out from out-cave. Eventually when water finished draining in the Heart, the red light will come on again destroying the Island.

Below shows the POND
where the middle part is the stone blocking the heart of the island and
bright light emits out from the center.

5. Any irregular things that stays within the POND for a period of time will be transported into the repository near out-cave. Then those stuff will flow out through the out-cave. That way, the water in the POND always stay clear. In addition to overflown water which is what is normally transported through this method, human body can be transported through this method too.

6. As water is accumulating more in the POND, stronger sparkling energy will occur as in strong Electromagnetic wave. When the water in the POND is full as shown in above picture, normal human being can not stay alive while emerge into the water. When a normal human body enters the POND, a black smoke monster will be created. However, there may be special human who can sustain high exposure of EM wave may stay alive under the same condition, although the EM shocks will still make him feel very painful.

7. Lastly, the time for the POND to fill up is longer than the period of transporting irregular objects in the POND.

There you go, I will leave the rest to you how above 7 points describing how the Heart works will be able to answer all the questions you may have with this regard.

The last picture shows how Jack fart in front of the powerful energy destroying the Island. What a daring guy ...

Friday, May 28, 2010

The story of LOST

Once upon a time, there is an Island. The Island has a heart. The heart emits out bright lights and results a few special phenomenon;
  • people may not age or die
  • the island can move through space
  • some people on the Island may move through time
  • there is a tele-transporter / teleport that can move people through space and time
  • there is a strong electromagnetic pockets that can reset time for the whole world
  • dying people can be saved by emerging into holy water
  • people's consciousness may swap through space and time
  • dead people spirits can appear and communicate with people
  • dead people spirits who have done bad things whisper in the jungles cannot move on ...
  • time on the Island behaves slightly different than outside world
  • . . .
If this light is removed, the Island will be destroy and sunk. Hence some people think they are meant to protect the Island by protecting the light.

One day, a pregnant lady came to the Island and gave birth to Jacob and Man In Black. Jacob eventually became the protector of the Island while Man In Black was turned into a black smoke monster. Both of them live eternally and cannot kill each other.

Then a slave ship called Black Rock crushed onto the Island. Smoke monster killed everyone on the ship and only one slave survived. He is Richard and eventually works for Jacob. With Richard's help, new inhabitants on the Island start to form again.

During mid 1950s, US Army came to the Island with a hydrogen bomb. But the inhabitants managed to take control and bury the bomb.

Then a corporation called Dharma Initiative came to the Island in 1970 to conduct varies experiments. In 1974, a special group of people suddenly appeared from the future and joined Dharma team. Not exactly as they planned it but more likely as fate or just by chance.

In 1977, the hydrogen bomb was detonated at a place called Swan. After that, all these people from the future disappeared and people on the Island can no longer give birth safely. They called this weird phenomenon "The Incident".

Dharma people always have a long standing conflict with the inhabitants. Eventually a person from within the Dharma team called Ben, killed everyone in Dharma team with poison gas. The Inhabitants then took over Dharma's compound.

But not every Dharma guy was dead. A guy who worked under ground survived the massive gas poison. His job was to push a button every 108 minutes in Swan station so that he can discharge the strong EM wave and save the world from massive destruction. However, there is also a last resort fail safe key which can save the world by reseting time so that history will repeat itself all over again.

One day, a special guy called Desmond sailed to the Island. Desmond took over the button pushing job but eventually used the fail safe key. Desmond is special because he survived from the massive EM exposure. Desmond also became one of the few people who was aware of the repeating history. Knowing the future, Desmond was trying to save his friend Charlie but he couldn't. Whatever happened will happen again. Eventually Charlie still die but for a good cause.

In Sep 2004, flight Oceanic 815 crashed onto this Island which appeared as the beginning of this story. The stories of the survivors begin here, both of their pasts and futures are presented as flash backwards and forwards.
  • Jack - a surgeon who rely heavily on science
  • Locke - a broken man who desperately want to rely on fate
  • Kate - who is always on the run
  • James - a con man due to his tragic childhood
  • Hurley - who can talked to the dead
  • Sayid - a torturer who has destined love
  • Jin and Sun - a Korean couple who are apart and yet together
  • Claire - a pregnant lady who is giving up her unborn child
  • Bernard and Rose - cross racial true love couple
  • Michael and Walt - father and son who were not really close before the crash
  • Boone and Shanon - brother sister from different parent
  • Christian - Jack's father who was dead and in a coffin during the crash
The stories of a few other people not from the crash were important too
  • Ben - major deceiver who is desperately wanting to relate to the Island
  • Juliet - was brought to the Island to solve the baby birth problem
  • Libby - mental patient with Hurley
  • Eko - drug dealer who became a priest
  • Penny - Desmond's true love
  • Daniel - scientist who figure out time travel etc.
  • Widmore and Eloise - were inhabitants on the Island, parent of Daniel and Penny
  • Frank - a pilot who can fly in ANY condition
The plane broke into 2 and fell to different places when it crashed. The front section of the survivors first found out about the special properties of the Island, especially the smoke monster. Then they entered into conflicts with the inhabitants which they called "The Others". Finally they reunited with the survivor from the rear section of the plane after a long journey.

Someone came to rescue but later the survivors realized the real purpose was not really rescuing them. But eventually 6 of the survivors still left the Island after 108 days while the other survivors flash through time a handful of times until they finally stopped at 1974 where they joined Dharma team.

Ben, followed by Locke later, both went after those who left the Island and pursued them to go back to the Island. In 2007, willingly or not, they took another plane and crash landed on the Island again.

During this crash, some of the survivors went back to 1977 and caused "The Incident". While the rest stay in 2007 and found that the smoke monster has appeared as Locke and killed Jacob with Ben's hand. Widmore came to the Island and fought with smoke monster, as a result almost everyone on the Island are dead except the Candidates or the chosen ones by Jacob.

At the end, the bright light from the heart of the Island was temporary removed. All the special properties were gone including smoke monster's eternal life. Hence the smoke monster was killed while in Locke's appearance. Jack turned the light back on and the Island goes back to normal while Frank fly everyone else leaving the Island, except Hurley became the protector of the Island and Ben became the 2nd man.

But the story doesn't end there. Because the story doesn't end when we die. You see, the Island also appears as a place where dead people goes. Dead people's spirit also appears as suddenly know things that they puzzle about when they were alive. This is because when you die, the notion of space and time doesn't matter anymore. There is no 'now' nor 'here'. Hence you will eventually know Everything. Its just a matter of when you let yourself to.

So eventually everyone die, even for those who left the Island. After that, all the notions of the survivors spirits all go back to the moment of Oceanic 6 crash in 2004. They all experience through the scenario of "What if it didn't crash?"

The experience went through smoothly. Everyone gets what they want. Eventually everyone also realize what they are. Accepted as it is, everyone will be able to move on and Christian took the first step walking toward the light.

.The End

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Najib shit with Obama

Not long ago I posted a series of Najib's photo, right from all the photos taken in 1Malaysia event.

Today I saw this from Niamah

Just in case you don't get it yet, does it seems like Najib really want Obama to stop talking so that Najib can go shit !?

No, I didn't say it, Niamah did.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ducking Tycoon Restaurant

Nice setup, high ceiling ....

even the turn table tells glamors ....

specialty food ....

meat balls ...

siu mai ...

this is the Taycoon who bought us breakfast that day .....

and this is the liang chai ( handsome guy ) who served us satisfying every of our demands ...

This is Tycoon restaurant serving dim sum in the morning near British Council. Nice food, good environment but temperature a bit too warm.

An ex Tai Tong restaurant who was bought over and now became much better in every aspects.

Random 2010 04 19

Normally Sushi King doesn't serve high quality salmon shashimi, or in this case, sushi. But this day is exceptional. The fatty lines are so clear and fresh ... yummy !!

Wish I had put in more wasabi in it, the salmon just dissolve right away in mouth ....

Saw this van out side Maybank, Desa Park City. Kind of cool and practical too. I saw the driver taking out 3 bicycles out of it ... just like how I wished I could fit all my bikes into my car.

Friday, March 26, 2010

MCA 2010 Election - a factual review, reminder.

MCA has been the largest association representing Chinese ethic group in Malaysia. Once upon a time, Malaysians were happy with the way it was. Then 308 happened and many Malaysians voted for a change. Almost the whole of MCA representatives went down the drain in that national election. Ong Ka Ting was the president then.

So MCA was forced to change and Ong Tee Keat was elected as the new President. Tee Keat has been well known as the closest match to 308 voting message - people wanted a leader who is genuine, honest and transparent to the public.

The funny thing is ... Chua has always been the suppose-to-be next leader even during Ka Ting's time. But he had a sex scandal that almost ruin his political career. However on the contrary, not only did the sex scandal didn't sentence him to death, he is climbing the ladder as usual, just a bit slower. So despite how one may think how trash and rubbish this guy is, one cannot ignore that Chua is one of the few leaders who know very well what is going on (environment) and understand human dynamics very well.

We don't know who is using his sex scandal to bring him down but from Chua's own reaction, he may have laid that responsibilities to Ka Ting's team. Although many people discredit sex scandal politician, MCA representatives may not necessary be. It appears that MCA has forgiven Chua and even pursue Chua to continue leading the party. Chua did not run for president position due to the sex scandal issue but he ran for the 2nd man and won the position rather easily.

After last election, Tee Keat and Chua became the talk of topics. Chua and Ka Ting were the two main forces in the party but both of them lost shine after 308 and let Tee Keat surface out from almost nowhere. Tee Keat and Chua became the 2 opposite forces in the party, but yet both of them occupy the top and 2nd top positions in the party. Hence practically Tee Keat ignored Chua and worked more with Liao. Tee Keat later found out that Liao was used by other people to influence Tee Keat's opinion upon Chua.

Jiang is also an experience politician but relatively low profile and only get more exposure recently that he is running for 2nd man position. It is generally accepted that Jiang will take down Liao without much fight if it were a 1 to 1 competition.

Then there are Young Men and Young Women associations under MCA. Led by Wei and Zhou respectively. Instead of supporting Tee Keat as a president, these two have been the supporting pillars to Liao. It is believed that Zhou is the main influence to Liao who in turn influence Tee Keat to dislike Chua. Wei on the other hand is suspicious of disliking Tee Keat exposing PKFZ corruption case. While Wei gets a lot of Young Men members support, Zhou has less support from her own members.

After Tee Keat became the president, his conflict with Chua worsen. Chua was even expel from the party once due to disciplinary action on his sex scandal issue. Tee Keat were accused of corruptions. An internal vote carried out on 10-10 hoping to solve Tee Keat and Chua's conflict but the result has rejected them both; more than half do not trust Tee Keat as president anymore and even more do not want Chua to be the 2nd man anymore. This was also when Liao's team intention was exposed - get rid of the top 2 men so that they can take over.

When Tee Keat personally over heard Zhou's talk behind him, Tee Keat teamed up with Chua to prevent Liao from taking over. Suddenly Liao's political position dropped from heaven to hell and hence demanding a re-election. It was finally Chua who made this re-election a reality while working and hiding under Tee Keat.

=== personality ===

Ka Ting + Liao teams are follower under BN which is also the main reason why they fail in 308 national election. This hasn't seem to change. This kind of passive-resource-sharing mechanism will work well during good economy's time but when there aren't enough to share, it can still go bad.

Tee Keat is still a lonely reform guy but totally lacking human dynamics. Hence 'most' of the people who work with or under him dislike him especially after Tee Keat became the president. You may be self center when you are alone but when you are leading a big group, you must be careful not to let your self center ruin the team. The keys are high EQ and communication skill which Tee Keat failed miserably. Tee Keat however has achieved significant progress in term of process and system improvements; not because he really did well but because NONE of the other leaders have done that.

Chua is almost the extreme opposite, he has high EQ and great communication skill. He has also been a master in disasters recovery. But I have never seen a single core improvement he has done in "process or system" but he sure has kept everyone around him happy. So unless you think process and systems are all about human too, then perhaps he is your perfect guy. Opps, almost perfect minus ethical or adultery image.

=== who will WIN ? ===

Its a choice among Painful System Reform (TK), Harmony Improvement (C) and Lets go back to where we were (KT). And its not about what you and I want. Its about what MCA representatives want ( about 2000+ of them ), either for themselves or for the people they represent.

Chua will win. While he may not get more than 50% support but his victory will be rather a stretch from his competitors. Perhaps more than 2 digits difference. While he himself is questionable in many ways but the team he put forward is no doubt the strongest.

=== now, me ! ===

I am a citizen, I am a Chinese and I am NOT a MCA representative. I can safely say that I represent more than 50% of the voices alike that we are hoping for Tee Keat to resume his last one year. For crying out loud, it was at first :

1. Chua chicken out did not run for president in the first place in last election. Get back in line and wait for the full term !

2. It was Liao who stir shit up between Chua and Tee Keat, Tee Keat was only guilty of naiveness if any.

3. Then it was Ka Ting who went behind Liao when Chua and Tee Keat's conflicts were 'solved' and stir up new shit !

So Ka Ting is behind me,
I sit with Tee Keat
and looking at Chua.

After note 23 March 11:50am : Just to be fair, each of the names above does not refer to the person himself but rather the name refers to his people, his team, his alliances etc. For example, Ka Ting himself didn't really plan the whole stir-shit thing on Liao. It was people who believed in him contributed most of the stirring acts instead, including Liao himself. Chua is really not a man who is capable of making any decision by 'himself', he always source for inputs from 360 degrees before he did something, that is why he is always the LAST to do something. So whatever claims above using his name really meant his people. Except for Tee Keat where most of the things mentioned above is pretty much himself.

LOST Last Supper vs Da Vinci

Below shows the pictures of last suppers.

Da Vinci's Last Supper

Lost Last Supper 1

Lost Last Supper 2

Lost Last Supper 3

  • There are always 7 people to the right of Locke - Jack's side.
  • There are always 7 to the left including Locke himself - James's side.
  • There are always 7 people standing and 7 sitting
  • There are always 3 people standing on James side and 4 people standing on Jack's side.
  • Only 1 lady is always standing.
  • Stand and sit positions are perfectly alternating.
  • People who stands always stand, people who sits always sit.
  • The background is staged, hence it NEVER change.
  • Illana, Richard, Sayid never looks left. Jack, Sun, and Frank never look right.
  • Locke always look front, never look left nor right.
  • Only ladies were offered drink in Pic 3.
  • Miles switched place with Claire and changed side too ( left to right vice versa ) on Pic 2
  • Miles switched place with Hurley after switching back to Jack's side. Pic 1 vs 3.
  • Ben and Sun switched place but still within the same side, right on Pic 2
  • Some Dharma can drinks are missing in Pic 3
  • Pic 3 has small team interaction ie. not everyone are doing the same thing.
There you go, that is the summary and category of my observation. What else did you observe ?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cycles of Life - I Ching made simple.

The unit of YEAR is commonly used to identify cycle of time. Major weather change on earth basically repeats itself every 4 seasons, namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Spring usually signifies the start of a year because plants start growing in Spring and trees turning green etc. Hence we can also use Wood to represent this cycle. Trees always start growing from their roots but we will never know exactly how tall a tree will grow. Hence this is a cycle where things get started without a clear definition of an end. Each of us start to walk out of our homes to enjoy fresh breeze. Normally only one person walk out of the door one at a time, hence this is a cycle of individualism.

Summer comes and it is the hottest time of the year. Hence we also use Fire to represent this cycle. Not only everybody are outdoor but everyone feel very excited and energetic too. People find it hard to just station at one place because it would be such a waste to the sunny days. We hop from one place to another instead. This is a cycle of team where many people do many things but seldom do we persist with focus. Much like a fire that spread fast burning from one spot to another without staying at one place too long; because it would have already finished burn off whatever that one location has.

Weather starts to turn cool in Autumn. Everyone are still out door but not as crazy as before. Our feet are back on ground preparing to go home. Earth is used to represent this cycle. We work together to accumulate what we need for the winter, much like the ants. This is a cycle of team where we work together to a closure.

Cold hits during Winter. Each of us stay at our own home. Everyone live their own lives with their own families. Just like hibernation, we try to stay put with what we gather during autumn and do not start too much new stuff. Its a cycle of individualism and closure where we don't want to start too many things. Metal, a symbolism of stable and no reaction, represent this cycle.

In these 4 seasons, we have a beginning and we have an end. So far that is only a straight line of event. In order to wrap the end to the beginning, making it a smooth cycle, we need a transition. The transition may take any form and flexible. It is both the beginning and the end, kind of philosophical. Water which can take any form is used to represent this transition cycle. This is a cycle beyond individualism or team, beyond initialization or completion, its a spiritual and philosophical cycle of why things are the way they are.

There you go, you have just get a grab of the main concept in The Book of Change or I Ching, a more than 2000 years old wisdom from China. You should also have no problem remembering the 5 basic elements of Wu Xing, Wood or tree for Spring, Fire for Summer, Earth for Autumn and Metal for Winter followed by Water as a transition before Wood(tree) grows again in Spring.

While this looks simple but application of this main concept alone can branches out many possibilities in real life. We will see if we have chances to get back on this topic with some real life examples ...
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