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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mythbuster : bullet hit and the whole body fly away

You know in those movies when bad guys got shot by a bullet, the whole body fly away and usually broke some window before falling down etc ? Well Mythbuster did some tests on that and declared it is a fake claim. Mainly because when they shoot a bullet to a test subject, the dead pig barely move. According to their explaination, the power of the bullet is not enough to carry the body weight AT ALL !!

Well ... after years of watching them, finally I found ONE conclusion they got it WRONG !!

When a bullet hit your body, its not the force of the bullet that bring it down. Its the 'feeling' you have.

For example, if you were standing on the street and then suddenly out of no where a bullet hit you, you are probably too shock and your whole body would just do whatever you were doing without much impact from the bullet at all. Except that you eventually stop and lay down dead.

On another scenario, you were in a battle field shooting each other with your enemy. You were hidding and ducking while shooting back. Suddenly you saw your enemy in front of you, before you pull your trigger you got shot ! Your body felt the pain and before you know it, your whole body is "bouncing" backward a few feets away.

Its not the force of the bullet. Its the nature of our body reaction. Our body was trying to avoid the bullet and trying to minimize the impact by moving in the same direction

2008 most search People and Blog in Malaysia

Read this from Sin Chew newspaper 31 Dec 2008

In internet world, Anwar is more popular than Obama and Mahathir.  Siti Nurhaliza who is the most popular lady idol in Malaysia doesn't even come close.

2008 most search person name
1. Anwar Ibrahim - famous x vice prime minister who got sack accussed of its sodomize case, now making a cum back
2. Obama - 1st time in world history minority rule White House

3. Lim Kit Siang - 'oldest' oppoistion leader and still going strong ... its about time ppl spread rumor that he change heart using alien technology :D
4. Mahathir - x prime minister who cann't keep quiet although he promised to

8. Siti Nurhaliza - I would have thought Idol effect is more powerful than politician but not in Malaysia

Most Search blog
1. Chedet - although his name is not popular, his blog is - Mahatir's blog
9. Kenny Sia - oh my, oh my .... not again ...
10. Jeff Ooi - sorry jeff, u lost to kenny.  seems like ppl wants more humor fun than real critics

I was just discussing with another guru blogger trying to understand why Kenny Sia's blog is more popular than Liewcf's.  There are a few more blog sites who earn much more money but eventually, Kenny's traffic still top all.  Ofcourse I couldn't really figure out why, but it seems that my view of his popularity is not baseless.

I know .... 'captain obvious' you said.  Happy New Year all !

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Shao Lin in 1 Utama

One day in mid December I was window shopping at 1 Utama shopping mall and came across this telco advertisement.  So I followed what the idol does and wonder if he feels any pain at all since he is shao lin who is suppose to have strong kung fu.
tons of other bloggers have made fun with this adv.  Some even suck his kok !

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Buying kclau book in MPH

I went to MPH One Utama  the other day looking for the book titled "Top Money Tips for Malaysians" written by kclau.com

I first browse around the local writers section but couldn't find it.  Most book displayed in that section is politics.

Then I found this kiosk where I can search available books in that particular book store ...

So I click one of the search buttons

And I typed in "money tips"

the result came back in split second, 25 books available !!  Yea !!

Then what ?  I had no idea so I asked for help from Customer Service desk.  Afterall, we still need their help, don't we ?  The kiosk is just for fun I guess ...

For the next 45 minutes, the staff runs up and down couldn't find the book neither.  The system said received 25 books and kept in "Personal Finance" section, but its just not there !

1 hour later, the staff finally informed me that there may be some problems in receiving the books.  The books arrived in One Utama MPH but not sure exactly where the package is yet.

Anyway, if you have credit card you can buy it online from this link.  Its a great book !

Naked 13 yo died in car

13 year old girl died suffocated in car with 28 year old man ?  How many moral stories I can extract out from this news ... OMG ...

KAJANG: The cause of death of a couple found nude in a car at a workshop in Taman Impian Indah, Balakong, was suffocation.

Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Shaka ruddin Che Mood said a post-mortem showed that the victims suffocated to death on Friday after falling asleep in the car with the air-conditioning unit operating.

“Because of carbon dioxide inhalation over a long period of time, the couple suffocated and died in their sleep,” he said.

Police have ruled out foul play.

Police identified the man as Wong Weu Fong, 28, a mechanic, and the other, a 13-year-old Indonesian girl.

from the star

Good Mee Jawa in Maluri Kepong

I usually do not eat this dish but this particular one is my favourite Mee Jawa !  Some also go for the Asam Laksa.  If its too spicy for you, natural fresh coconut drink is available too.

Its the 'pasar' or wet market type so some people may consider it 'unclean'.  But relatively speaking its quite a clean place.  Flies around are considered common.

Normally open from Tuesday to Sunday, around 2pm to late afternoon.  Everytime I have to have a late lunch and around Kepong area, I would come here ...

Location : Taman Maluri, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
generally MYR 3.50 a dish

If you don't have Google Earth installed, then just visit http://maps.google.com and paste the following in the Search Box :  http://klsmihosting.com/mj.kmz 

Firestorm : a fire so powerful it creates a long standing wind

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Google Earth prefers Internet Explorer

I have both Google Chrome Web Browser and Internet Explorer in my PC.  Chrome is set as default ofcourse.

When using Google Earth I clicked a link and it automatically open up in IE despite my preference setting.  Seems like Google still prefer IE more than their own Chrome.

Then I received an email confirmation of my new account creation, this is the exact email content :

Someone from the ip address '' registered the Login Name 'actualUserName'. The password for this Login Name is 'actualPassword' To activate this account, please use the following link http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/verifyemail.php?verify=1473454-cMFdNhBo&Cat=0
WTF ?  What is the purpose of sending email to confirm a New User Registration if you give away both the user and password to a stranger's email ?
OMG .... who develope Google Earth ? So much inconsistency !

Friday, December 12, 2008

18SX : picture collection of penis

This is another cool blogger batty who actually is doing her assignment together with her proffesor ...

basically she is Going To take pictures of 100 male private parts as her thesis work.

Too bad I am not in Taiwan ...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

2028 : couple dating - pay for Petrol

Petrol price surged to new hike in mid 2008, everyone was cursing about that.

earthquake did not destory but lengthen bridge

Akashi Kaikyō Bridge (明石海峡大橋 Akashi Kaikyō Ō-hashi?), also known as the Pearl Bridge in Japan is the world's longest suspension bridge.  

Before it was finished building, one of the worst earthquake happened.  Some said just in time to test its unique design to counter earthquake.  

Kobe Earthquake = Great Hanshin Earthquake

The earthquake actually cause the sea bed to break apart.  And the broken part actually just lie between the bridge.

Surprisingly not only did the earthquake NOT destroy the Longest bridge in the world but it actually lengthen the bridge by 1 meter !!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

we naturally should die after 1 billion heart beats

Do you know that all mammals are borned with 1 billion heart beats.  By the time you reach your 1 billion heart beats, you are suppose to die !

It is used to describe the lifespans of dogs, mices and larger animals like elephants and turtles.  Basically if an animal has a slower heart beat, they will live much longer.

Read all about it here ...

Following this theory, human would live up to about 20s.  But due to the advance science and medicines we have invented, we are able to live till 80s.  

So think again the next time you are exercising excessively or having sex .... it may just cut down your life span by that much too ...

More and More cheap flights ... ?

Do you know that one flight alone emit out the same air polution equivalent to 3 months of car driving ?

use this link to calculate how much CO2 produced in each of your flight ...

Friday, December 05, 2008

2009 Feng Shui part 1

North is the worst afflicted sector starting 4 Feb 2009.

North is the #5 Yellow Star which brings bad Qi or energy.  Avoid doing any important activities in this sector of your house or office.  Keep this area quiet and undisturbed.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Best Gift in My Internet World

Last month marked one of my greatest achievement in my newly created "Internet Life".

One of the very successful personal finance bloggers, kclau, actually sent me a copy of his new book for a review !!

KC Lau has been blogging about Personal Finance for a long time.  I actually contacted other Personal Finance bloggers before I started one myself but almost all other bloggers always refer me back to kclau as their mentors.  So kclau is my sifu's sifu, mentor's mentor.  And I have this idea of kclau is the founder of Malaysia Personal Finance blog as to liewcf to Malaysia Blog ( I think that liewcf is the earliest serious internet earner )

Anyway it arrived in Pos Express ...

and kclau even write a little note for me ...

The book is also personally signed by kclau !!

OMG, when I started blogging I just wanted to share some of my personal view points that I haven't seen else where.  Who knows I would be getting a book from my mentor's mentor !!

Its like Mahathir calling me by my first name and Bill Gate wanting to hire me as his consultant ...

man ... I am still too excited to talk about this.

I will be writting my review on this book in my personal finance blog but you can learn more about this book from here : http://kclau.com/about-2/moneytipsbook/

and you can buy it from ME through this link 

32 yo women in NZ has to marry 82 yo men

The Star 4 Dec 2008 page T12

Women in New Zealand out number men by 35,000 in prime marring age group 20 - 45 years old.

In order to solve this problem NZ is now "importing" men from British ...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

One Education System

Mahathir's son proposed to have one type of primary school replacing current lingual dependant schools.  

I support TOTALLY and this is actually One of the 'KEY' changes I have been sharing with people around me ...

There is only one small differences between my version and his.  Each school can decide what language to use to teach other non-lingual courses like science, math, geography etc.  And not necessary just Bahasa Malaysia.

In order to support that, all national exams will be made available in 4 main languages.

Mahathir agreed on 14 Dec 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My News Pick up to 2008 11 24

Penang building 4 high rise hotels may cost it to lose its world heritage status. - Gerakan challenges PKR on this.

Sabah not happy, BN spend money on Kelantan and not Sabah even though Sabah is the key of BN win.

No Yoga, no karete .... because I believe in Allah and a good spiritual person ...

other than above, Anwar is still changing sky, Pak Lah is still sleeping, Najib is still attending all Pak Lah's meetings ... Hindraf is still there ... all these have been around for some time until they become not interesting anymore.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Religion vs War

Saturday, November 22, 2008

retail business start to raise concerns ....

I mentioned before asking hypermarket to drop price is a bad idea, these few days the negative effect started kicking in where a lot of retailers now start to complain they have to close down the business due to incapability to survive through this little profit ....

here comes the ignition of deflation era ... where the jobless ppl will now come out to steal, rob and grab your hand bag on the street ....

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sarawak - No liquor licences in Malay majority areas

read this news from theStar
A Form Five student from Kampung Astana, a Malay village here, was stabbed to death at the Kuching Waterfront on Thursday by youths believed to be drunk. The victim would have sat for the SPM exam next week. — Bernama
Sorry ?  If my son is not suppose to drink alcohol and then he did take it then isn't that my responsibility in not educating him well ?

WTF ... 

I always thought Sarawak has some "smart" politicians ... however, seems like the West Malaysian governing party mind set has entered there ...

Thursday, November 06, 2008









2.中酸性食品:火腿、培根、雞肉、鮪魚、 豬肉、鰻魚、牛肉、麵包、小麥、奶油、馬肉等。

3. 弱酸性食品:白米、落花生、啤酒、酒、 油炸豆腐、海苔、文蛤、章魚、泥鰍。


5.中鹼性食品:蘿蔔乾、大豆、紅蘿蔔、蕃茄、 香蕉、橘子、南瓜、草莓、蛋白、梅乾、檸檬、菠菜等。

6. 強鹼性食品:葡萄、茶葉、葡萄酒、海帶芽、海帶等。 尤其是天然綠藻富含葉綠素,是不錯的鹼性健康食品,而茶類不宜過量, 最佳飲用時間為早上。

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Malaysia force hypermarkets to drop price ? DAMN STUPID !!!

For those of you who are happy, sorry to tell you that instead of a good thing, this marks the WORSE of our recession.

Dropping petrol price WILL NOT drop inflation is an economical FACT.  And that holds true as long as we are in a FREE MARKET ( free as of freedom )

Forcing "businesses" to drop price while they are NOT ABLE to will Initiate Deflation.  Deflation is WORSE than Inflation.  Businesses will close down, more people will lose jobs and the whole economy will be lack of cash flow.  Crime rate will spur high like end of world coming !

I cannot believe our new finance ministry is SO STUPID ... seems like they are willing to risk all our lives just to win our votes.  They REALLY don't care about long term benefits do they ?

There are only 2 "RIGHT" solutions to today's problem ...

1) Let the market have TOTAL FREEDOM.  Those who doesn't drop price will lose to those who drop price.  Those who drop price and survive is because they use their creativity.  Eventually those remaining businesses are 'good' ones and eventually they grow BIG in next phase of world economy cycle.

2) Communism - TOTAL CONTROL.  It may not mean like the old Russion or old China.  But very much like the England Today.  Although now they use terms like - get from rich for the poor but basically they have crossed the line of Market Freedom and go towards communism.  Ask any high income british how they feel about today's England and you will understand.

Asking Hypermarket to drop price without a clear policy is neither 1) or 2).  First goverment interrupt the market freedom, 2nd of all, goverment did not impose clear policy to control.  So eventually our economy will go no where but politic will win over clueless citizen votes ....

OMG .... when can we have a Proper Finance Literate guy to run our country's finance ....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Car Accidents Stat

Back in USA, 45,000 ppl die on the road every year, that is equivalent to 2 747 crashes EVERY WEEK !!  Scare of air plane crash ?  Think again ....

Back in 1994, some smart guy thinks, "sh!t ... we have 4000 dying on road every year, lets forecast it to 9000 death 5 years later so that when there are only 6000 died, I can still get promoted ..."

its always funny ... or not funny to hear the 'Target' is to have 6,389 deaths 'Only'

Alcohol does magic ...

This is DeskKhoo ... 

it always start with a genuine and relaxing intention ...

then guys will get out of control ....

then ladies too ....

alcohol does magic, doesn't it ?

Things you shouldn't do in toilet ...

open a lost key lock

I just read Kenny Sia on how to open a lock that you have lost your key ....

but I was just thinking my method is easier ... and more practical ...

shortly after posting this blog .... I found this ...

Niamah !!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am on TV !!!

I am on TV !! Yeeaaa ... !!!

Every Saturday TV 3 7:30pm !!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Free and Open Source Software

I just signed up applying to become a speaker in , its the FIRST Free and Open Source Software even in Malaysia that has NO MARKETING nor SALES TALK !!

location at 

if you don't drive, you can take trains to reach there ..

I would think if I were to give a speech, this would probably the best venue for me to start gua ... 

wish me luck ....

know more about this event at foss.my

guarantee deposit = problems coming soon ...

from MalaysiaKini
"Malaysia has issued a guarantee for all bank deposits until December 2010, following the lead of several other nations in a measure to maintain the stability of its financial system."
also in The Star actually.

You know ... I am the type of guy who is not scare of market down turn, recession ... and sometimes not even really care about world war 3 coming.

But when goverment is saying things like guarantee this OK, guarantee that OK, that is the time I get Really scare.  Because everytime they do that, the WAY they say it shows that :

1.  Goverment tells those who don't know yet that there are some problems.  Basically its like this ... some people (5%) predicts something bad may happen and they approach and ask, "what would you do ?". At this time, the 95% folks live life as usual.  So instead of answerting this 5% of people who asked the question, they go and answer to the whole world !  Guess what ?  The 95% of the people would think, "oh ?  got problem meh ?  Sh1t, better take out just to be safe ..."

2.  their announcment is almost always 'incomplete'.  like this one, guarantees are always there why suddenly declare this now ?  why 2010 ?  What happen after 2010 ?  So if 2010 stop guaranteeing, perhaps I should take it out earlier and not wait till last minute ?  So I should take out on 2009 ?  hmm ... better take out 2008, safer that way.  Wait !  Its 2008 already, lets take all my deposits out !

Any finance students who are attending economy 101 knows that announcing news like this would not have any positive impact to the consumer market AT ALL.  On the contrary, raising deposit interest rate by 0.1% could have had much BETTER and BIGGER effect than announcing news like this ...

seems like someone are still living in their Art academy world, why haven't they pass the job to the real finance guy to manage our money yet ?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

man and woman ...

I think the last part should be man still waiting for the woman to finish ...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Software Vendors Intellectual Property

past 2 days I have been meeting software vendors.  One vendor is the one we have engaged 1 month ago but they screw up big time.  So we have halted the project and we met today to discuss why we halt the project and what to do next.  The other vendor is our next best vendor if this current vendor still cann't live up to our standard.

The thing is ... again a Niamah situation !

2 months ago, we have 
1. verbally mentioned what we need, our requirments in person
2. documented what we need and our requirments.  (One is called RFP - Request For Proposal and another are Use Cases.)
and they have repeatly mentioned that they have read our documents and know what we need and they can do it !

But when we asked 'so what do you propose how to configure your software to suit our needs'.  Then they will ask a question that we have already specify in our document 2 months ago.

So you have read and understand our requirment but you still have to start all over asking the 1st question ?

Damn ... I cann't help to slam down straight to their face ( their directors ) that no matter how many times you said you have read and understand our needs, but the questions you asked show that you are clueless of what we need despite our varies approach to share that with you.

Many software companies always use the words "Intellectual Property" to justify the high price of their software.  But the fact is there is NO intellectual in their software AT ALL !!  

A real intellectual idea would have attracted everybody and you don't even need to hide anything from it, nor do you need to try too hard to 'sell' it.  If you are a smart person who come up with an intelligent idea you wouldn't fear the idea being copied by others because by then, you would have come up with a better and more intelligent idea.

If you are not capable of doing above, whatever you have right now is NOT intelligent AT ALL !!!

Being a software consultant myself, I cann't help to become so upset that so many in this industry is still SO PROUD of themselves and not even realize how deep shit they are in.

TNM !!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just a Matter of Point of View

This morning, I saw this picture above  ... I guess most may feel being 'locked out' at first glance ...

but I cann't help to first see the Great View and I want to go ...

then ofcourse soon I saw the gate.

I wasn't too turn off because I can easily climb over that gate.  Not to mention its not really properly locked.

But then I look 

a bit more into it.

I found that 

I can just walk through it

from the left side 

of the gate

Not too long ago, when I was in jail.  The only GOOD view I got is this ..

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I am coming to help you !!




住在美國加州 擔任『藥劑師』已近30年的親人 Amy Huang 傳過來的重要保健資 訊。希望有助諸位親朋好友及同事們的身體健康。

 如果您用『微波爐煮熱的食物』把癌細胞養得肥肥壯壯的,保證癌細胞會很高興吃, 但不會說謝謝。而且,連您的身體也會一起吃掉。也許還可以讓您散盡家產及痛不欲 生,而罵它忘恩負義。當然,它會說:是您自作自受,活該啦!
 所以呢……. ~~ 為了自己的健康,請詳細閱讀以下的說明 ~~
 以下的內容摘錄自 "疾病的形成與防範"一書,作者為 洪山本 博士 (新加坡營 養學 博士)
 有個很有意思的比喻,或者可比擬這個情況,當你將一隻青蛙放上一個開著大火的熱 鍋時,牠會立刻跳走,但如果你用一根蠟燭慢慢燃燒加溫,剛開始時,青蛙並不覺得 有任何燙感,但逐漸的等到牠覺得熱了,想跳走時牠的腳已被熱鍋黏住了,再也無法跳走。如今微波爐就像那根蠟燭,使用它的人就像那隻青蛙,什麼時候會被黏住,或 許是十或二十年之後,但遲早有可能被黏住。

在醫院中輸血, 需將從冰箱拿出的血加以溫熱才可輸入人體 ,曾有護士為了急救病 人節省時間,使用微波爐加溫血液,一輸入體後病人立即死亡,以後醫院中嚴格規 定,絕不可用微波爐去溫熱血液。
 專門調製給嬰兒服用的奶粉, 盒上說明文字,明白寫出絕不可用微波爐去煮熱 ,因 為它會破壞所有的營養。
 有關微波爐所引起的各式傷害 ,蘇聯人作了許多研究,例如:

 (a) 肉類微波後 產生一種致癌物d-NitroSodienthanolanines

 (b) 微波過的牛奶、水果、麥片,會將其中的氨基酸轉化為致癌物。

 (c) 蔬菜微波後,會將植物生物鹼(Plant Alkaloids)轉化成致癌物。

 乃因它所造成的傷害,不是短時間內立即可看到可能是在二十年以後才顯現出來,除 非有專業研究員,在實驗室作實驗來證實。而在美國,一切研究以利益為前導,對無 利可圖的事,是沒有人去作研究的。
 比較上,在英國社會學系都是最優秀的精英分子,稍次者才去當工程師,由於當政者 歷背景的差異,在美國為公眾利益而不求牟利的研究,是無法和其他一些國家比擬 的。

 (01)它破壞腦組織。 腦的傳播是靠磁波,微波爐處理過的食物,如長期食用, 會中和腦磁波,使腦退化,磁波短   







 (07)微波爐食物能引起胃癌,有些胃癌及腸癌,皆與吃太多微波爐食物有關。 這或許解釋了何以美國人近些年來,






 不要用『微波爐加熱或烹煮的食物』,才是最佳妙方!為了預防自己受癌症折磨,及 為了家人及親朋好友的關切與善意,請立即停止使用微波爐加熱或烹煮的食物。
 行政院衛生署台北醫院 健康開發中心
 總院:北縣新莊市思源路127      分院:北市鄭州路40


Wednesday, October 08, 2008


影響健康的四大因素----- 脂肪、黏液、毒素、壓力。
我常常到學校去演講,現在的小學生平均在 4 年級就開始發育了,大約是9 10 歲左右,再回想我們這一代,那時的女孩子幾歲開始發育?
都是在國中以後 13/14 歲才開始發育的  
為什麼差一代差了那麼多提早了 3 5 年。這樣是不是遺傳?

所以現在你們有沒有看報紙,有小孩 8 個月小小年紀就得到肝癌。
你們有沒有想 過為什麼?我跟各位講,你們給小孩吃了過多的脂溶性毒素了。

,就是所謂的飽和性脂肪酸,如動物的油脂,牛油、豬油 .. 等。

還有一種油是大家都疏忽的,叫 TFAS ,或反式鍵結脂肪酸,它是什麼油呢?




這種油在料理時好香喔,以前以為這種油比奶油還營養,結果幾十年下來,發現不得了,發現它是經由加工處理過的,它的結構在化學上是呈反式的鍵結,它比真正的奶油要毒上好幾百倍, Time 雜誌在幾個月前就已經公布出來了,這種油在自然界是不存在的










20 幾歲就開始洗頭掉頭髮,開始要迎接禿頂時代。

有些太太會問,那我 和我的先生都吃一樣的東西,為什麼只有我的先生會掉頭髮,而我不會?














難怪他們的頭髮掉得比你先生的還多、臉色比你的先生還差,那就很奇怪了,為什麼 那些醫師開出來的紅紅綠綠的東西,你們為什麼要吃。
























聽著 梅醫師這麼迫切的語氣,頓時讓人感到呼吸窒息,什麼!





【排毒過程 ? j


他正色道:「 千萬不能用藥去壓,多飲水,休息三五七天就好了。你知道嗎?不論得什麼癌,到最後總是咳嗽,因為毒素變成黏液,要透過淋巴排出來。但醫生一看,不得了,是急性肺炎,結果服了藥後,毒素反而被迫滯留體內。」








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