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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Morning Malaysia 2009 !! ~ 999 ~

Malaysia was formed on 16 Sep 1963 when Sabah, my home land, tag along Malaya as an independance land ... little did I know back then, 30 years later I have transformed from a Sabahan into a Kuala Lumpurian.

In order to refresh my mind as a Malaysia citizen, I decided to start new again getting to know Malaysia. One of my first encouters was seeking help from one of the highest authority - emergency help from police enforcement team ... I called 999 for help.

First call ~ ring ~ ring ~ ring ~ ... ( a short hick up indicating line transfer ) ~ rang ~ rang ~ rang ~ ... ( a temporary disorder sound heard but quickly ringing continues ) ~ ring ~ ring ~ ring ~ ... ( ringing continues for 1-2 minutes) ~ duuuuuu..u...u....u......u ....... ( the line gets cut off by itself )

( While listening passionally with the rings, I remembered I once heard a radio station commented how great our emergency line was where they promised to pick up calls within how many seconds. I started to realize the Badawi era is really over .... and we are entering Najib's play ground .... after a few more attempts, a real person picked up the phone! Hurray ! )

Lady voice: Hello ? ( sounded a bit irritated, it was about 1am )
citizen : I need Help!
999: Ya ?
citizen : Someone throw some explosive stuff into my house and it exploded! I am very scare! Can you please send someone over to check it out!?
999: explosion ? ( sounded un-believable )
citizen : Yes! Please ...
999: what is the explosive device ?
citizen : I don't know, I just heard a big explosion and now I locked all the doors and windows ...
999: what does the explosion sound like ?
citizen : ( huh ? A bit puzzle not sure how to answer ) ... sounded like a bomb !? ( make the sound bomb using his mouth )
999: are you sure it is explosive sound ? Or is it a firecracker ?
citizen : I dont know ... firecracker goes like 'bang!' and this one goes like 'bomb!' .... ( felt a bit helpless how to describe his situation )
999: can you just lock your doors ? ( as in they don't feel like taking this case seriously )
citizen : I already lock my doors, I really need help, please at least send someone over ....

( The lady at the emergency line repeated the questions a few more times, perhaps hoping the caller to feel more frustrated and hang up !? But after 3-4 minutes of repetitive questions and answers, she said ...

999 : Hold on, let me transfer you ...

( put on hold, then a male voice appears )

999 : Sir, I understand that you are being threathen by some explosive at your place ?
citizen : yes !
999 : We will be coming now ...
citizen : Thank you very much ! ( felt relief )

30 minutes passed by, no one showed up. Then the phone rang. Police called back.

999 : Are the kids still around ?
citizen : The offender has left with motocycles while throwing in the explosive stuff.
999 : If they are gone, then there is not much we can do.
citizen : Can you please come check my place ?
999 : *sigh* ( as if this caller is really a pain in the ass ). Are the kids Chinese ?
citizen : ( puzzled and chocked up a little bit ) Huh ? .... err .... I am not sure what race they are, I think I saw their skins are darker in color !?
999 : Ok, we will patrol your place later.
citizen : Wei ... I have managed to capture 2 number plates
999 : What are the numbers ?
citizen : KBY 2740 and WSD 8906
999 : hmm ... ( no sign of writting down the numbers ). We will patrol your place, ok ?
citizen : ( felt the clear sign the officer wanted to end the calls ) ... ok ...

2-3 hours later, there was still no sign of law enforcement team ...

Luckily there wasn't any more scary incidents that night, the offenders left and didn't come back. But I wonders what would happen if the offender wasn't just want to scare us ... will the case be different ? Will I be saved by the emergency assitance team ?

Something ponders around my mind till now ...

How come no one picked up 999 and the line got cut off ? Does other people have a chance to call again like I did ?

How come Police said they are coming but didn't ? Is it because they know the future that I would be OK or was I just lucky to be alive ?

Anyway, Good Morning and Happy 46th birthday Malaysia !!

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