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Saturday, November 21, 2009

House - TV Series

"House" is one of the few TV series that I obsess on watching. I always wonder why because I hate medicines and doctors bore me to death. Finally in one season, one episode, Dr. House told me why.

He was sharing his childhood experience with his psychologist on why he doesn't care about anything and everything.
He was at emergency bay of a hospital when he was only a child. He saw a dying patient coming in. A janitor was right there and made some comments about the patient. Nurses and doctors ignored him of course. After 2 hours of emergency routines, doctors still couldn't find out what was wrong with the patient. They called for help from the most reputable doctors around the area. 6 hours later the patient was almost dead and doctors still have no clue. They had no choice but to find the janitor. The janitor suggested some cures and the patient recovered 30 minutes later. The janitor went back to his routine work but now everyone in the hospital respect him like never before.
Back then as a child, Dr. House's key learning was

When you are RIGHT,
Nothing else Matter.

So growing up pursuing what he does best, he just want to make sure HE IS RIGHT and Nothing else really matter.

What an ideology to adhere to! It hits me right there. No wonder I like this show so much. I have been hoping to be right for so long so that everything else does NOT matter. But before perfection is achieved .... as far as real life has gone .... the fact of life now is

It doesn't matter
if you are Right or Wrong,
But Everything else Matter.

What about you ? Between the "Process" and the "Result", if you have to pick one, what will you focus on ?


Anonymous said...

Process, definitely!

Kill everyone in order to get on top but have to live alone


love everyone in order to live together happily even thou die alone

which would u choose?

Michael Tsen said...

sounds like a question baiting for 2nd choice ... I really don't know, I guess I will think about this when I have the power to kill everyone, hee hee ... else its just irrelevant because in real life, there is only one choice really.

Anonymous said...

If u limit ur choice then yes, but if u could open up I'm sure there r many choice around. Nope, it wasn't a bait, there r ppl choose to live alone die alone. The way sounded in this blog post does give me a thou tat u d choose my first answer.
Power to kill meaning to shed away everyone in ur life...
--> so u chose result? N be alone isn't it?

Michael Tsen said...

interesting comment, I thought this article was clear about 'process is more important than the result', people who aim for result alone is not practical.

ChampDog said...

If have to focus and prioritize, I will choose result then only look at the process later on. Do I sound evil? Hahaha...

Michael Tsen said...

sounds logical actually.

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