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Friday, December 04, 2009

Lost Season 5 Last episode - Jacob

One of the most visited articles in this blog is about Lost, the latest most popular sci-fi TV Series. Season 5 has ended more than half a year ago if not longer. The last episode provided so many answers that I could spiral out a few books out of that one episode alone.

Lets start with Jacob.

In the past 5 seasons, Jacob is the most mysterious man. He has been 'directing' everyone to do everything on the Island. He never shows himself and people only hear his voices. Only the 'leaders' can receipt instructions from him on what to do next.

Jacob has the appearance that he is god or a powerful angel who were once 'run' the island. There was also 'tips' say that he was trapped and need to be 'released' before taking over the Island again.

Ben and Locke are the leaders at different times. But they never met Jacob. There is no scientific way to confirm Jacob's existence. Ben however is a faithful believer on Jacob while Locke questioned about his existence at times.

As far as the whole TV series go before the last episode in Season 5, I have collected enough 'evidences' and concluded that Jacob does NOT Exist ! That was the only logical explanation. In between Jacob and the leaders, there is a middle man called Richard. He never gets old and he appears everywhere and in anytime, as in living forever eternally. So I suspected Richard is the 'real' person behind the scene and he made up the character of Jacob to make the leaders believe. Its not just that, I have another 121 clues that can only be explained logically if Jacob is a fictional character made up by Richard.

However, the very beginning of the last episode is the appearance of Jacob in person. He lives a simple life out of natures and draw a lot of paintings. Below is a snap shot he is making cloth ... but also a clue that he is managing the whole world where each string is an event of occurrence and he is straightening some of them.

If Jacob is a real person in flesh, he can't be doing all those ghost stuff mentioned earlier. Basically if Jacob is a real person, it will violate some of the other stuff shown in earlier seasons. God doesn't simply kill people, even bad ones. However, almost immediately a new character appears. Jacob has a 'friend'. He has no name yet but it appears that he is an 'opposite' to Jacob.

Jacob believe human can change for the better. His friend does NOT. His friend said

They come.
They fight.
They destroy.
They corrupt.
It always ends the same.

And Jacob answered,

It only ends once.
Anything that happens before that
is just progress.

Later in the episode, it also hints that the 'person' who has been directing the leaders to do things, trapped wanted to get out and runs the Island again is not Jacob, but his Friend.

All this while, you may thought you have been doing god's work but little do you realize satan has been behind the curtain all along. God just keep quiet, do nothing but only pray you will snap out of it yourself ... because that is the only True way for Real cure.


Anonymous said...


Please check out this video, particularly the last portion at 8.33 onwards speaks about 'jacob'

Good post, by the way. :)

Michael Tsen said...

interesting video indeed, thanks !

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