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Friday, March 26, 2010

MCA 2010 Election - a factual review, reminder.

MCA has been the largest association representing Chinese ethic group in Malaysia. Once upon a time, Malaysians were happy with the way it was. Then 308 happened and many Malaysians voted for a change. Almost the whole of MCA representatives went down the drain in that national election. Ong Ka Ting was the president then.

So MCA was forced to change and Ong Tee Keat was elected as the new President. Tee Keat has been well known as the closest match to 308 voting message - people wanted a leader who is genuine, honest and transparent to the public.

The funny thing is ... Chua has always been the suppose-to-be next leader even during Ka Ting's time. But he had a sex scandal that almost ruin his political career. However on the contrary, not only did the sex scandal didn't sentence him to death, he is climbing the ladder as usual, just a bit slower. So despite how one may think how trash and rubbish this guy is, one cannot ignore that Chua is one of the few leaders who know very well what is going on (environment) and understand human dynamics very well.

We don't know who is using his sex scandal to bring him down but from Chua's own reaction, he may have laid that responsibilities to Ka Ting's team. Although many people discredit sex scandal politician, MCA representatives may not necessary be. It appears that MCA has forgiven Chua and even pursue Chua to continue leading the party. Chua did not run for president position due to the sex scandal issue but he ran for the 2nd man and won the position rather easily.

After last election, Tee Keat and Chua became the talk of topics. Chua and Ka Ting were the two main forces in the party but both of them lost shine after 308 and let Tee Keat surface out from almost nowhere. Tee Keat and Chua became the 2 opposite forces in the party, but yet both of them occupy the top and 2nd top positions in the party. Hence practically Tee Keat ignored Chua and worked more with Liao. Tee Keat later found out that Liao was used by other people to influence Tee Keat's opinion upon Chua.

Jiang is also an experience politician but relatively low profile and only get more exposure recently that he is running for 2nd man position. It is generally accepted that Jiang will take down Liao without much fight if it were a 1 to 1 competition.

Then there are Young Men and Young Women associations under MCA. Led by Wei and Zhou respectively. Instead of supporting Tee Keat as a president, these two have been the supporting pillars to Liao. It is believed that Zhou is the main influence to Liao who in turn influence Tee Keat to dislike Chua. Wei on the other hand is suspicious of disliking Tee Keat exposing PKFZ corruption case. While Wei gets a lot of Young Men members support, Zhou has less support from her own members.

After Tee Keat became the president, his conflict with Chua worsen. Chua was even expel from the party once due to disciplinary action on his sex scandal issue. Tee Keat were accused of corruptions. An internal vote carried out on 10-10 hoping to solve Tee Keat and Chua's conflict but the result has rejected them both; more than half do not trust Tee Keat as president anymore and even more do not want Chua to be the 2nd man anymore. This was also when Liao's team intention was exposed - get rid of the top 2 men so that they can take over.

When Tee Keat personally over heard Zhou's talk behind him, Tee Keat teamed up with Chua to prevent Liao from taking over. Suddenly Liao's political position dropped from heaven to hell and hence demanding a re-election. It was finally Chua who made this re-election a reality while working and hiding under Tee Keat.

=== personality ===

Ka Ting + Liao teams are follower under BN which is also the main reason why they fail in 308 national election. This hasn't seem to change. This kind of passive-resource-sharing mechanism will work well during good economy's time but when there aren't enough to share, it can still go bad.

Tee Keat is still a lonely reform guy but totally lacking human dynamics. Hence 'most' of the people who work with or under him dislike him especially after Tee Keat became the president. You may be self center when you are alone but when you are leading a big group, you must be careful not to let your self center ruin the team. The keys are high EQ and communication skill which Tee Keat failed miserably. Tee Keat however has achieved significant progress in term of process and system improvements; not because he really did well but because NONE of the other leaders have done that.

Chua is almost the extreme opposite, he has high EQ and great communication skill. He has also been a master in disasters recovery. But I have never seen a single core improvement he has done in "process or system" but he sure has kept everyone around him happy. So unless you think process and systems are all about human too, then perhaps he is your perfect guy. Opps, almost perfect minus ethical or adultery image.

=== who will WIN ? ===

Its a choice among Painful System Reform (TK), Harmony Improvement (C) and Lets go back to where we were (KT). And its not about what you and I want. Its about what MCA representatives want ( about 2000+ of them ), either for themselves or for the people they represent.

Chua will win. While he may not get more than 50% support but his victory will be rather a stretch from his competitors. Perhaps more than 2 digits difference. While he himself is questionable in many ways but the team he put forward is no doubt the strongest.

=== now, me ! ===

I am a citizen, I am a Chinese and I am NOT a MCA representative. I can safely say that I represent more than 50% of the voices alike that we are hoping for Tee Keat to resume his last one year. For crying out loud, it was at first :

1. Chua chicken out did not run for president in the first place in last election. Get back in line and wait for the full term !

2. It was Liao who stir shit up between Chua and Tee Keat, Tee Keat was only guilty of naiveness if any.

3. Then it was Ka Ting who went behind Liao when Chua and Tee Keat's conflicts were 'solved' and stir up new shit !

So Ka Ting is behind me,
I sit with Tee Keat
and looking at Chua.

After note 23 March 11:50am : Just to be fair, each of the names above does not refer to the person himself but rather the name refers to his people, his team, his alliances etc. For example, Ka Ting himself didn't really plan the whole stir-shit thing on Liao. It was people who believed in him contributed most of the stirring acts instead, including Liao himself. Chua is really not a man who is capable of making any decision by 'himself', he always source for inputs from 360 degrees before he did something, that is why he is always the LAST to do something. So whatever claims above using his name really meant his people. Except for Tee Keat where most of the things mentioned above is pretty much himself.

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