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Saturday, June 05, 2010

LOST : What is the Heart of the Island ?

One of the most mystical thing in LOST is the HEART of the Island which emits out bright light which most believe is the reason for all the miracles happening on the Island. But what is this Heart really and how does it work ?

This is where the water is entering into the Heart of the Island. I call this "in-cave".

This is another place where water is flowing out. For now I speculate that this is where the water flows out of the Heart of the Island. I call this "out-cave".

So exactly how does this Heart of the Island works ?

1. This Heart of the Island emits out energy. So strong that it can destroy the whole Island or even the whole world. This destructive energy can be seen in red lights.

2. When you block part of this energy with a stone block, only a small amount of energy will emit out. When this happens, water will start to flow out from the out-cave. The water comes from a repository somewhere between the in-cave, the Heart and the out-cave, but closer to the out-cave.

3. This water will eventually flow into the in-cave. When this water reaches the Heart with a stone block, the small amount of released energy will appear as sparking bright light. This white bright light will bring miracle effects on the island, ie;
Human can live forever,
Human never grow old,
Broken leg can walk again ...
Human may turn into a smoke monster etc ....
4. If you remove the stone block, letting more energy flow out. The water will stop flowing out from out-cave. Eventually when water finished draining in the Heart, the red light will come on again destroying the Island.

Below shows the POND
where the middle part is the stone blocking the heart of the island and
bright light emits out from the center.

5. Any irregular things that stays within the POND for a period of time will be transported into the repository near out-cave. Then those stuff will flow out through the out-cave. That way, the water in the POND always stay clear. In addition to overflown water which is what is normally transported through this method, human body can be transported through this method too.

6. As water is accumulating more in the POND, stronger sparkling energy will occur as in strong Electromagnetic wave. When the water in the POND is full as shown in above picture, normal human being can not stay alive while emerge into the water. When a normal human body enters the POND, a black smoke monster will be created. However, there may be special human who can sustain high exposure of EM wave may stay alive under the same condition, although the EM shocks will still make him feel very painful.

7. Lastly, the time for the POND to fill up is longer than the period of transporting irregular objects in the POND.

There you go, I will leave the rest to you how above 7 points describing how the Heart works will be able to answer all the questions you may have with this regard.

The last picture shows how Jack fart in front of the powerful energy destroying the Island. What a daring guy ...

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