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Friday, February 06, 2009

Today marks the end of PR in Perak

Its been a great drama, as a matter of fact, best ever fiction movie I have ever watched.

Since its already a fact that PR will end their time and BN will sit in Perak, its time to remember this by what we, the voters, can do next.

Not that there are nothing can be done now, PR will continue to fight for their case. Despite the fact they will fail to regain control no matter what they do, it is IMPORTANT that they keep on doing all these stuff ... so that ignorant voters can SEE for themselves what BN does and what PR does ... and therefore draw their own conclusion who is potentially a better governer.

So yes PR will continue to launch court cases, people will rally and may be some bloods will flow. Hopefully not a too big one ...

But for all the others who were not part of above, WATCH with your BIG OPEN EYEs.

It may or may not matter if Political Frog is 'correct' or 'wrong'. What definitely matter is HOW the frog leap.

FACT 1 : did not get permission from people

Simply put, if I represent you and you voted me to support my ideology then when I am planning to change my ideology, I would HAVE TO ask all my voters if that is ok and I would put up some good logical argument for it. Without that, any other reasons of leaping is potentially more damaging. Asking my voters doesn't mean an election. It could be a general survey, it could be a close door hands up votes ... anything is better than NOT Asking the voters first.

FACT 2 : The way the Lies are told

I am NOT leaving !  I am Staying !  And then I appear in another side of the road in less than 2 days.  What can you tell about this kind of person ?  Immoral, may be.  Dishonest, ya.  But one thing for sure, only the DUMPEST ASS in the world would make this kind of lies.  If I were to do it, I would at least make some stupid stories up like "Due to classified reasons, I have to leave PR and become independance in order to continue serve the land I love effectively".  It doesn't really matter if you lie in political world, but its the way you lie show how much a person you are.  You may have cursed govertment for making stupid excuses in the past 50 years, but these 3 dump asses are not even capable of doing that.

FACT 3 : The way you smile

What more do people need to discuss or argue when you see this smile despite the 'way' it happened ?

FACT 4 : Sultan's Democracy

I have predicted before a few years ago that the future of Malaysia Politic depends on how smart our Agung and Sultans are and the future will only 'change' when Agung and Sultans get involved in politics.  This trend has already started since last year and today it marks another milestone that how democratic a state's future can be depends solely on one person's mind.

lastly, not to forget other un-verified facts that someone may have committed corruption crime and want to get away with a lot of money and definitely decided to leave political world for good by screwing all the people voted for him, as Simpson says it ... aha !  you are SCREW !!

Now, its your turn.  Your challenge now is NOT to forget this 3-4 years to come.  And that's it !  That's the ONLY thing you should DO now ... WATCH with OPEN EYEs and REMEMBER it for the next 3-4 years !  Thats IT !!!

Just in case you wanted to do more, this movie also tells us how lack of talent PR is.  So if you like PR, then you should really take time to join them and see if you can contribute in real mannger.  Hey !  Whats to lose ?  Worst case scenario you may receive more than millions when someone sue you for corruption and 

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