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Sunday, December 27, 2009

stranger or lovest ?

One day, 3 men walked by Zandy; Mr.A, Benjamin and Carlos.

Mr.A just walked pass.

Benjamin stopped and asked if Zandy mind to share a table with him. There were many empty tables around them. Zandy never had such a clear clue before and she liked him too so she let him joined her.

Carlos sat down quietly at the next table. Right before Zandy and Benjamin left, Carlos walked up to Zandy asking for her number. Carlos gave Zandy his name card too.

Zandy had a great night with Benjamin. The next day, they kissed each other good bye passionately. 6 hours later, Carlos called and asked if they could meet tonight. Zandy replied, "Sorry, actually I am just visiting. I am in the airport leaving Paris now." "Where do you go back to ?" Carlos didn't give up. Out of the blue Zandy told the truth, "Malaysia". Half a globe away.

~ ~ ~ . . . ~ ~ ~ . . . ~ ~ ~

2 months later, out of the blue Carlos called, "Hey, I just arrive in Kuala Lumpur ...". They went around islands, cruise to Alaska, ski in Korea ... 3 years later they got married. Their 4 kids are all grow up now that 15 years have passed. Suddenly when the kids left home, Zandy doesn't feel connected to Carlos anymore. She tried very hard but she couldn't name one most memorable moment with Carlos.

One day, Zandy ran into Albert. Albert said, "Do you remember me ? I was one of the 3 men who walked passed you when you were drinking coffee in Paris about 20 years ago ...", he continues "I noticed you immediately at my first sight but unfortunately I had to rush to hospital at that time." Zandy tried very hard but she couldn't recall the stuff he said to her at all.

Then Zandy met Benjamin right at the next corner. They stare at each other trying to recall who they were. Before they even speak, so much memories flood Zandy's mind that she feels again. They hit it right off talking about the past, what they have been up to and if they should be together again, for good this time.

~ ~ ~ . . . ~ ~ ~ . . . ~ ~ ~

Albert is a stranger to Zandy because Zandy couldn't remember anything about him. Zandy also can't name one single most memorable experience with Carlos. When she talked about Alaska, Carlos couldn't remember some details. When Carlos talked about the ski, Zandy disagrees some part of the stories. Zandy's moment is when Carlos flew all the way to Malaysia for her but Carlos's moment is when he saw her in Paris. But with Benjamin, its easy. Its ONE night and its THE night. She remembers it and He remembers it.

The fact is that Carlos and Zandy have been together for so long. Each and every of their stories is the best one. When she is trying to pick one out of them, she couldn't because when all are the best then they are all the same.
Zandy knows she should stay with Carlos but she couldn't ignore the feeling she has with Benjamin. Can the fact that she couldn't name one best moment with Carlos imply Carlos is NOT her true love ? Or does that mean the love between her and Carlos have risen to another maturity level beyond feeling ?

Is Carlos a stranger now or is Carlos her True love ?


Anonymous said...

I think the question is wrong. Carlos is definitely not a stranger to her, he has been with her for such a long time and did so much together.

The fact that she cant name a good memory with Carlos is a false indication. She denies something doesnt mean that thing doesnt exist. She only has difficulties to accept it's existence - none of these can conclude to the fact of what true love is, who is stranger or true love, etc.

In social label, it means true love while two stays old together physically and doing lotsa great things together.

While out of it, I dont know. Im trying to figure it out myself too.

If I know anything, I guess I know i only need to remain happy at this moment and strive to have it. Thats all.

I think true love or not, what does it matter at all? There are too many definition of true love in this world.

-God's wholly love

-a guy who can love things in the world unconditionally, not selfishly.

-a couple who stay old for each other no matter how, did everything together, faithfully to each other etc.


Which of it we want to experience? Or which of it is more fond to our hearts? Perhaps we are best react like a little kid, to try each and every fav or ice creams available instead only having one :)

Michael Tsen said...

if a true love has many definitions, it is NOT THE true love just yet then, perhaps ?

Anonymous said...

There are many definition of true love in this world because everyone is attracted to different things. One can't deny the least fav one just because it is least fav. It depends on which one are you looking for. I was saying before we get to know what we want, let's live life at fullness and try out each and every fav of ice cream that's available :P

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