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Monday, February 22, 2010

Lost : Timeline

With the understanding of time in mind, these are the general timelines I have drafted. They relate mostly to the Land's time or as in our current time. Please comment, correct and dicuss ...

1845: Black Rock sail from England, presumably arrived the Island when Jacob and MIB talked about each other's intention. Ship wrecks, dead bodies and chains were found later on the Island including 2 unknown bodies named Adam and Eve.

1954 sep 23: USA Army went to the Island to conduct bombing activities. It was named as Top Secret OP264. Richard and his people (18-22yo Eloise) killed 18 soldiers, took over a bomb called Jughead. Danielle flashed back 4/14 and told Eloise to bury the bomb. Full statue is still up with man and woman figure at hands. Locke gave Compass to Richard.

1956 May 30: Locke is born.

1970: Dharma Inititive was started from University of Michigan mainly conducting researches in 6 areas.

1973: 7-10yo Ben told Richard he wanted to be one of the Hostiles. Richard told Ben to be patient.

1975: James, Juliet, Jin, Miles, Danielle stop flashing through time and joined Dharma Initiative. Miles met his father, Dr. Chang.

1978: Jack, Kate, Hugo, Sayid came back from 2008's Ajira 316 crash. Ethan is born. Ben was dying but saved by the Temple. Ben doesn't remember Sayid shot him. Juliet eventually bomb Swan using the Jughead. Losties + Juliet go back to 2008. 2004's plane didn't crash.

1988: Rosseau's ship left Tahiti. Widmore is expelled from the Island.

1988 Nov 18: Rousseau's ship crash on Island, Jin flashed to here 7/14.

1989 Jan 3-17: Rousseau said his husband is infected and killed him. Jin saw that & flash 8/14

1989~: Young Ben and 10 yo Ethan took Alex from Rosseau.

1992: Ben poison the whole Dharma team.

1996: Desmond met Danielle at Oxford University. Danielle hasn't had the formula done yet.

1997~: Miles is a 4-7 yo kid and his mom is renting a place to stay.

2001: Desmond sailed to the Island

2001 sep: Juliet joined Ben

2001-2002: Yemmi's Beechcraft crashed. Ethan shot Locke on leg @ 1/14 flash. Then Locke got back @ 3/14 flash. Dan told Desmond to go to his mother. Rules don't apply to Desmond.

2004 sep 22: Oceanic 815 crashed to Island
2004 Oct: Oceanic 815 didn't crash after Juliet Jughead in 1978.

2004 Nov 1: Claire delivered Aaron on Island, Kate helped her. Sawyer saw them while flashing through time 5/14. Locke saw the light shot up to sky where he bang on Swan hatch.

2004 Nov: Desmond failed to push button, use fail safe key instead and flashed back to 1996 but later flashed back to 2004. Desmond seems to be in a loop knowing what will happen next.

2004 Dec 30: Ben turned wheel and went to 2005

2005: Oceanic 6 back to main land.
2005 Oct 24: Ben went to Tunisia after turning the wheel.

2007: Flash 2/14 Richard fix Locke's leg and then pass a compass he got from fLocke to Locke

2007 Dec 12: Locke turned wheel to stop flashing and want to get Oceanic 6 back to Island.

2008: Ajira 316 landed on the Island. Locked used Ben to kill Jacob. Jack went to 1978 then Jughead is triggered and all come back here and stay in temple. @ Flash 5/14 Locke took boats to Orchid and was followed by gun shoots in dark.

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