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Monday, March 23, 2009

Chinese the Problem of Malaysia Unity

Tun M mentioned stubborness of Chinese sticking to own chinese education is the major problem for Malaysia education unity.

Although I was chinese educated and strongly support all chinese to send their kids to chinese schools but I have to agree and as a matter of fact it has been the same thing what I have been preaching all along as well, nationalism needs to be in the same direction.

Nationalism's first step is to be in the same direction.  It doesn't even need to be Right or Wrong.  As long as ALL of us are moving in the same direction, it is POSSIBLE to change direction if previous path was wrong.  Before we are moving in the same direction, right or wrong DOES NOT MATTER whatsoever, its just plain chaos and as long as Unity is not form, this nation will go no where.

First of all, we are in a multi-races community.  Be it Islamic country or what, the fact is we are in a multi race community.  As a matter of fact the word race isn't the right word here neither, there are many ethic groups in Malaysia.

There is a slight difference between race and ethic and I strongly believe after 50 years of Malaysia, we have moved on from race to ethic groups.  Although many ethic groups may still appear as if seems like racism.

So we have to very clear who we are and what we are standing on when we make a statement.

For example, as a Malaysian, we have to agree on One Malaysia school system.  But when change ground, as an ethic group, I may want to go to chinese school.  Many may find this contradicting but actually it is NOT.

Its like when my foreign friend came visit me asking me to bring him to a local Malaysian dish, I would share my nasi lemak and satay with him.  Enjoying very much on satay myself I do not eat them every day.  I have my normal rice with normal non-halal meals daily but I would still tell all my friends that Nasi Lemak and satay are what I think represend malaysia food best.

If eating nasi lemak and satay has a national effect that may bring the whole of Malaysia into a more united future, I may have to reconsider what I eat everyday yes.  I may still end up eating most of what I eat now but I may give it more weight when choosing my meals.

And that is all that matter.  Eat whatever you want as you like but once in a while, you need to remember your nationality and stand on the nation ground to think about the future of this nation, both for you, your old folks and espeically your future generations.  Other than your normal ethical life style.

Safely speaking after 50 years, E D U C A T I O N  is the Number 1 factor why Malaysia is NOT doing as well as what we could have been.

Any CEO who has run a company of more than 100 people successfully understand that getting everyone on the same page is the first move.  You can always steer them into better direction as we go along.  Else there is no future for success at all.

There is NO QUESTION in my mind that the Solution is SIMPLE.  Have one school system that supports multiple ethic studies within the school as per request by the school occupants - the students and the parents.  So if 80% of a particular school's request to teach in certain language, all be it.  The school will also be responsible for its own national exam result and future adaption to the society.  That way, you make your own decision and you are responsible for it.  Time will kill those ignorant ones and the stronger one will survive.  By then, a mature one school system will appear naturally.

This simple solution becomes NOT EASY because people do not stand on the right ground to make the right statement.  Tun M stands on national ground and making comments about ethic groups.  MCA stands on ethic ground making comments on national matter.  How can they ever agree to steer on the same direction ?

Its just like 2 kids fighter over a candy, "Its mine !" ... "No !  Its mine!" .... but actually one is refering to the chocolate and another to the candy box.  They could have had what they want sitting down together and laughing out loud, "You so stupid, you just want the box!" ... "No !  This box can fill with other candies ... "


julian said...

Hi, I agree that education is the key to successful nation - and an integrated system would be good for Malaysia. For Malaysia, it would be complicated, but that's because of the pretty unique nature of Malaysia. Actually I blogged about it once, if you're interested: An integrated Malaysian educational system

Anonymous said...

Good post.

Michael Tsen said...

Thanks for all your comments.

Indeed Julian, your proposed method is not bad, its actually practiced in Thailand and Indonesia with a small twist. But in general, now they are one nation.

Its only complicated when one want to match race and language , then language to knowledge. Actually all these 3 elements are separated and can be a democratic option for all.

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