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Monday, March 30, 2009

Lost Season 5 Episode 10 - can Past changes Future

Some may notice I didn't talk about Episode 9, 8 etc.  Thats because those were the love stories stuff that put me to sleep while watching them.  "Is 3 years enough to forget about someone?" ... arg .... only sentimental chicks would fall for that ... and the clear answer is "yes 3 years are enough to forget ... as long as she doesn't showed up again", .... da ..... ?

Episode 20 is all about Sayid actually killed Ben with one gun shot.  Which would be interesting to see how this will affect previous and future events.  But ofcourse I think the 10 year old Ben didn't die, the small knife holder saved him, a gift from Lock :)

Anyway, below is some interesting information transacted between two fans, so I would like to record them here in this blog ... 

This Color are commented
This Color is my respond

1) Kid Ben killed by Sayid. But Faraday's theory of "whatever happens, happened" has to be the root law of the show. Either we'll see Ben been rescued by Jack and Juliet all it'll goes into some parallel universe explanation. In one universe, Ben is dead, but in the other, he still lives.
idea of parallel universe is not used in Lost.

2) I've a feeling the final season might give the explaination that the cause of the Oceanic 815(can't remember the number, correct?) crashed is due to something the time traveller has caused in the past ..so it goes into an infinite loop......they crashed, go back in time, cause the crash and go back in time.....which i dun like very much. Hopefully not. Frankly, i'm not too pleased with the time travel explanation which will seems like the key solution to explain most of the things.
it could go infinite or it could stop right there right then as if nothing happened, desmond has gone thru that remember ?

But somethings still not explained yet:
1) Why and where did Kate leave Aaron? It was never mentioned so far.
Kate was kind of forced to move and eventually accept Jack's suggestion to go back to the island, doesn't have to leave Aaron for that
2) Is Claire dead?(Most likely) And why is her ghost joining Jacob/Christian?
I dont think Claire is dead, that might be the secret trade between the Island and Claire, so that Aaron can live. you don't have to die to be on the island, remember ?
3) What is that smoke monster? Manisfetation of the Island?
many explaination for the smoke but I haven't found one that can convince myself yet
4) Who the hell is Jacob anyway? Why does he takes the form of Christian?
I dun think Jacob took the form of Christian, that was on the eye of the beholder. If sayid was the one who met Jacob, he would have called him Allah. Jacoob was assigned by god to run the island - eden, or Jacob was assigned to keep human aways from heaven, totally two different angles but its the same actually.
5) Why Richard is an immortal?
richard ? because he is the ultimate victim in time travel, he never live at one place, he does what he do and did all at the same time, to his own perception that is, yet carries different characters in different time. just like those who start to bleed after a while, Richard doesn't bleed to death doing that. To Richard, it has only been 5 minutes so far ... ofcourse he doesn't seem age.
6) What is the real purpose of going back to the island? Jack and the rest seems to think that by going back, it can rescue their friends, but now, instead of achieving that, they're more stuck than ever.
the whole island thing is so that these people can release Jacob back in charge.


2) Oceanic 815 crashed because Desmond felt lazy to push the Swan's button. That has been revealed for a while. If you wanna trace it to the past, then Desmond will be the key.

but why didn't he want to press the button ? and he did press the button after all didn't he ? 

remember the pendulum that can calculate what time the 'gate' opens ?

the events are all set, people are put in front of the event and see if the people would do the event or not, some got unlimited chance to make one event happen while some only have one chance .... sounds familiar yet ?


I call that judgment day.


julian said...

hmmm I haven't watched Lost for a while, but now you got me thinking...

Michael Tsen said...

ha ha, some episodes do deserve closer look :)

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