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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lost Season 5 Episode 7 - Different Times

It should be no surprise Lock resurrected to most fanatics.  I think this could be the first flash back episode where it is all about Lock and how he left the island and tried to get everyone back to the Island.  It also shows how Lock actually died.

What interests me is that .... now there is a new plane fall on to the island.  Most people don't know what happened except Lock.  So the way John Lock answers the questions is the same as how the Others answer in Season 1.  In Season 1 we all treat the Others like the bad guys.  But now, when everything repeats in Season 5, we no longer treat John, Jack etc. as the bad guys even though all they say are, "I couldn't tell you", "if I tell you, you will be more confused", "even if I tell you, you won't get it anyway" ....

There is one scene that attracts me most, I even pause at that scene and stare at it for some time ...

A new passenger from the new crash plane was looking for something and found these notes.

I stare at it because I think this is where the producer wants to tell us the answer of time travel.  Which is quite interesting because in addition to space time, real time etc.  There ar also imaginery time etc.

The least info I can get out of this is Imaginary time can be closely relate to real time, however both real and imaginary time does not closely relate to space time.  Don't ask me what this means yet, I am quite sure its probably nothing from the producer or story writer point of views ... and it probably will take me 10-20 years to come up something on this alone.

Anyway, this is one of the examples why I am so crazy about this series.  It can give me something new to think about for the next 10-20 years.
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Anonymous said...

Interesting series, tho I never have patience to watch, nor any other TV programs. I like the name and mysteries of the plot.

In Dante's Divine Comedy the story starts with him saying "In the middle of the road of my life I awoke wholly lost." Being lost means you are open to change. All any human has is right now the past is locked in stone and is dead, the future has not been invented yet (physics shows us clearly there is no such thing as fate) .
Your now is like all our nows, none of us knows for sure what to do for sure, despite pretending they do.

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