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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An ousider review on Millionaire Mind seminar

Standard pricing of a lot of entry level seminars on Positive Attitude, Personal Finance and Get Rich cost about MYR 3,000 but last weekend's Millionaire Mind seminar costed only MYR 500, most people got in FREE and only paid a couple hundreds for the course materials - they claimed its a semi-charity event, but believe it NOT!

More than 3,000 people turned up, many from neighbouring countries especially Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan. So its REALLY a HIGH RISK A1 H1N1 cook box inside the seminar hall. But I guess the power of positive mental overcome all deadly deceases, NO reported contamination case during the event ( but we may need to give it some time to really call it over ).

The venue was in Mines Wonder Land, the convention center is one of the MOST conviniently traffic oriented. In short, you only need to go pass ONE single traffic light to leave the place. Most of the by pass roads are well planned and set so that ways leading to North ( Kuala Lumpur ), South ( Putrajaya ), East ( Belakong ) and West ( Sri Kembangan ) are all accessible freely after ONE traffic light.

But 3,000 people is no small numbers, combine that with the way most Malaysian drive ( one man one car ) - so even after the seminar ended one and a half hour, the traffic is still like this below. There are tons of people standing on the street, I guess they were also withnessing one of the world's wonder like me there.

MYR 500 is cheap comparing to MYR 3,000 but if you truly believe in these super famous talented guru, you should also know better that they are really good at what they do, they wouldn't be bad with money.

Nothing comes FREE or in this case Nothing comes Cheap for nothing. More than 60% of the courses are purely promotion on other courses, telling you how important self upgrade is and therefore you should upgrade yourself by taking their MYR 3,000 to MYR 9,000 offers.

This is one of the most critical fact in this seminar because expectation is very important. Some men actually were expecting the same course flow as they were paying MYR 3,000 ( with some but not much self promotion ) and totally pissed off and left on the 2nd day ( it was a 3 days event ).

Does anyone sign up their self promoted courses ? Well, I guess you are not familiar with events like this then. One thing you should remember is that all events organized by Success Resources always, alWAYS ... end with great sign up rate.

I still remembered when Richard Tan first started this training business, he was barely a public speaker. The first few hundred times he got on stage, he was jumping and shouting like a monkey scaring most of the participants off. But today, he is one of the most reputable legendary local figures and undoubtly the BEST training community in the whole APAC region.

How and why can he make it ? His story is one of the typical --- Want to be Rich ? Join the Rich !

Did I attend the seminar ? NO. I was just having a holiday near by, I live in one of these chalets.

And this is the closest I get to the handsome old guy, may be I want to be like him one day .... with a comedian twist the Asian way :)


alantanblog said...

Richard Tan is doing a Good Jobs in bringing the Top Trainer of the World!

Someone, jokingly say, the trainer don't get any good response anymore in their country, that's WHY they come here! :D

Michael Tsen said...

jokingly yes, but seriously if not because of this ONE single MAN, ALL these trainings venue would have stopped at Singapore and Thailand, perhaps never even know the existence of Malaysia ... all thanks to his boldness to the trainers, "Malaysia is cheaper" ... if not him, I wouldn't have chance to blog about this event :)

Anonymous said...

RM500 X 3000 = 1.5 million. Only the stupid will go. How many % of people still remember what has been taught after a month? I think very little. The winner is the organizer and speaker. The participant just give them their hard earned money.

That is why I'm now going all this so called training. You give them opportunity to squeeze you.

Michael Tsen said...

then perhaps you can train other ppl :) 1.5million awaiting ... give it a try !

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