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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daidomon Japanese BBQ - recommended NOT !

Someone actually recommended me this Japanese Shasimi cum BBQ buffet called Daidomon in Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur ... when I said I love Tenji in SohoKL, Mont. Kiara. He was saying Daidomon is 'better' and always FULL ...

So I called and make a reservation before going. I got this sticker on the table I sit in.

This is what the shop looks like, quite nice I would say ...

and next to it is a Fitness store, PERFECT for an after buffet visit ...

Once inside the buffet shop, I was welcomed by this lady, so far the experience is quite nice ...

These are oysters, instead of eating them life and fresh like I used to in most Japanese restaurant. This one you BBQ it with butter. When I asked for raw oysters like the way I like it, the waiter replied, "Sorry, our oysters are NOT fresh ..."

Looks pretty yurky isn't it ? But after fully cooked, this oyster turn out to be the BEST dish. It actually tasted quite nice. However everything went downhill onward ... By the way, this disk is limited. The servant will bring a plate to your desk and there is NO refill.

BBQ meats look nice but still very frozen. No special comment on the taste, nothing to remember about other than its good look.

Scallops are OK, acceptable and can consider another good dish. Limited dish too, NO refill !

These are the remaining BBQ stuff. Only Tuna and Salmon are ok. BBQ fire is not well controlled, no BBQ sauce or oil, things get burn fast or not cooked at all etc.

Na ... this is the salmon shasimi. If you think this looks nice. Then may be this buffet is suitable for you, since you don't have much demand for good food. The white lines are so THIN, there is NOT enough fat in it to make up the taste.

The best I can say for it is that it can match Sushi King's level. Not even close to Sake Sushi. Not to mention absolutely disqualified comparing to REAL shashimi in Equatoria and Tenji etc.

The entrace or exit to the restaurant is this big hall .... rather nicely decorated.

All the things you see in this hall are actually ART master pieces ... like this lamp ... guess how much it is selling for ?

Not even MYR 20,000 ! I believe flea market may go for MYR 20 !?

The pricing is more complicated than other buffet ...

Adult who wants Shasimi and BBQ : about $40
Kids who wants Shasimi and BBQ : about $20
Adult WITHOUT Shasimi and BBQ : about $20 ?
Kids WITHOUT Shasimi and BBQ : about $10

The whole table must choose the SAME package, ie. you can't have person A takes the shasimi and another one just eat the normal buffet.

There are also promotions on set lunch for $12 but once inside, almost all set lunches are about $30 and the servants are very reluctant to let one of the persons take set lunch while others have buffet. Why provide such an offer then ?

The coffee is not even brew, its just 'mix' coffee which I believe is those 3in1 type. Overall not much choices.

Final words, you can go take the 'NORMAL' buffet without shashimi and BBQ. $20 is consider good value for money even for that. But strongly NOT recommended to take the $40 package because the shasimi is TOTALLY NOT worth it. But then again, if you are one of those who are satisfy with Sushi King, then I guess you wouldn't feel the difference ...

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