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Monday, June 15, 2009

Paradigm Shift

I feel uncomfortable when stranger approaches too close in person, I hate to be touched un-knowingly, I see those as SERIOUS intrusion of My Privacy!

The other day I wanted to enjoy some nice peaceful great time so I was thinking to watch a movie.

Since it was still a school holidays, I have to queue for the ticket.

Irritation started to pile up after lining up for 20 minutes without much movement.

Everytime I make one step forward, the person behind walked up into close proximity and only stopped after touching the lower part of my leg.

I put my arms to the back holding the A4 size brochures perpenticular to my body to make my space. Its a darn polite way and yet CLEAR body action message, don't you think ?

One step forward, he stopped only after he almost bang into the papers I was holding, what a sucker!

The next step, I move one step up and leave my other leg behind, another damn clear body language telling the person at the back to fu!k off ! He stepped on my shoe and actually hurt my ancle.


I cann't stand it anymore so I turned around .....

I saw a man on a wheel chair, it was his wheel chair which has been kept banging on me ...

My temper dropped half, cooling down a little bit but still angry with such a public body abuse ... I opened my mouth, my super fluent 3 letter words are ready, stare at him .... *wait* ....

There is NOTHING to stare at.

He is Blind !

Or he doesn't have a clear vision thats for sure !

It was too late and some words left my mouth,
"Why do YOUuuu... need to buy a movie ticket?"

still with some left over anger from previous experiences .... totally look down on him as if "What the hell are you doing here! You Crazy son of the Bitch!"

"Sorry sir, my girl friend loves this movie. I just want to give her a surprise." The blind wheel chair man replied.


I don't quite remember what happened for the rest of the day. I think I walked behind his wheel chair, guided him to buy the tickets he wanted. Then I sat in the theather with my eyes closed though out the whole movie. I didn't even remember any sound effect, how I got back, what I ate for dinner, how I got on bed ...

When was the last time you shift your paradigm ?

Whats the movie you watched ? I don't know.

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